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A leader. A Team. A Vision.

Business Life

Melodie Nakhle, new Managing Director of Europe and Southern Africa, and her leadership team talk growth, strategy and the future as they reveal their plan for Amway…

Charismatic, passionate and visionary – these are just three ways to describe Melodie Nakhle, who took on the role as the new Managing Director of Europe and Southern Africa at the beginning of 2020. Melodie is no stranger to Amway, having spent more than ten years in various positions within the company, and specialises in building strong brands, overcoming challenges and driving sustainable business solutions.

A leader with a vision

When asked what inspires her, Melodie names Amway’s potential and its commitment to helping people live better, healthier lives. A commitment that she is excited to bring to life by enabling ABO leadership, helping new ABOs to succeed, attracting and retaining customers with industry-leading products, and empowering ABOs to engage them in communities unified around shared passions.

Using this as a foundation, Melodie intends to realise the enterprise’s A70 vision, which she believes is the right direction for the future.

“We already have what it takes”

In bringing the A70 vision to life, Melodie stresses that all of the elements that enable ABOs to grow profitable, sustainable businesses already exist in the European and Southern African markets. As such, she is laser-focused on making it easy for ABOs to engage and retain a community of customers, by helping ABOs to build their own online and offline communities. A strategy that will be supported by digital tools, a simplified shopping experience, must-have products and business insights, as well as a continuing partnership with ABOs.

“Our passion – what drives us – is ABO success. We want ABOs to be profitable; we want them to have strong, sustainable businesses; we want this to be a business that supports people in need and inspires them and their lives,” she says.

To realise this goal, Melodie has enlisted two experts from within Amway ranks – Ruben Familia and Imran Zaman – to join her leadership team. Ruben, who has taken on the role of Chief Sales Officer, Europe & Southern Africa, has spent the past 18 years delivering operational efficiencies and optimising performance for Amway. While Imran, the new Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Europe & Southern Africa, started with Amway in 1998 and has led key marketing and digital strategies of brand, product and digital transformation. Together, they form a formidable force, focused on bringing Amway’s incredible potential to the fore for Europe and Southern Africa.

From vision to reality

In the next phase, Melodie and the leadership team will execute their strategy, reinforcing their commitment to support ABOs along every step of the business journey. The approach, which will be implemented in close collaboration with ABOs, will include the introduction of more meaningful compensation opportunities, new products, powerful business-building tools and modern shopping experience. More specifically, three goals have been highlighted for this year:

1. Implementation of Core Plus+

“Core Plus+ is a big priority right now, and it goes back to profitability and the customer and ensuring that there is a balance between business width and depth, so that ABOs have healthier businesses and higher requalification rates year-on-year,” Ruben explains. “It’s a very comprehensive program that brings to life everything that we have learned – the best of the best – from all the growth incentives from around the world. So, it won’t matter where you are on you journey, Core Plus+ will support you.”

A key part of this approach involves supporting ABOs – both new and experienced – in becoming more customer-centric, and better managing the customer experience and their relationships, to create more profitable and sustainable businesses.

2. Digital transformation

“Digital is going to be a crucial enabler that will ensure ABOs remain successful, not just today but also in the future. There are common areas – such as the ability to shop, to recruit, to train, to learn and to manage one’s business, one’s group, and lead that business – that we are focusing on,” says Imran.

One way this will come to fruition is through a new modern website, which will allow both ABOs and their customers to have a meaningful and innovative product experience, while also providing a range of comprehensive business tools for ABOs.

3. Fostering of Amway’s culture

“Our founders, Rich and Jay, are a great example of a growth mindset, and our ABO leaders already apply this to their businesses. They’re constantly adjusting their style to how they build their business and adapting how they work and evolve to accommodate the needs that they have,” Melodie says.

“At Amway we also definitely want to continue to move further in this direction and bring this growth mindset into focus, by supporting our ABO leaders and new ABOs through various tools, events and opportunities. We want to empower them to continue helping people lead healthier, more empowered lives. A partnership is crucial through this process, and we plan to do much more ABO-engagement-type initiatives to help our leaders, and new ABOs, to become stronger.”

Leading through a crisis

When COVID-19 hit, health and safety immediately became the top priority. And, while Melodie regrets being unable to meet with ABO leaders as initially planned, she believes that Amway staff and ABOs have grown closer through the crisis and the portfolio emerged strong. “Our products and solutions are inherently concerned with wellbeing and enabling people to live safer, better and healthier lives,” she says. “This is something that has come into prominence throughout the current crisis – and it is not something we foresee changing.”

The crisis also accelerated certain digital plans and offered Melodie and the leadership team an opportunity to empower ABOs in other ways. “We accelerated digital capabilities to enable staff and ABOs to interact, engage and work remotely, by using different platforms,” Imran says, “and we provided useful content about how to take care of yourself and your loved ones, around wellbeing and immunity.”

Now, as everybody settles into a new normal, the future is looking better than ever. “When you see the entrepreneurial spirit that ABOs have and the drive they can achieve with the right support from the company,” Ruben continues, “there’s really no stopping us.”

What about the shape of things to come?

“I am absolutely confident that, with the leadership team, the commitment we have from our employees and the partnership we have with our ABO leaders, we are going to come out stronger than ever before,” Melodie says, “I’m incredibly optimistic about our future.”

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