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Online tools to help you work from home

Business Life

From Instagram to Zoom, our guide to digital tools for doing business online.

With the current situation in Europe due to COVID-19, everyone’s day-to-day life has dramatically changed.

Trying to run your business or work from home might feel like a serious challenge. You’re not alone though and Amway is committed to supporting you in the best way possible.

Staying connected to the daily demands of work needs may feel like an impossible task right now, but moving crucial meetings online with the help of a video streaming site or embracing social media platforms will help you keep in touch in the short term, but may even allow you to improve your ways of working and increase your online presence for the future! If you’ve never heard of Zoom and only use Instagram to scroll through your friends’ updates, our guide* could help you bring your work into a more profitable and efficient online world.

Online face-to-face catch-ups

Whether you want to have a one-to-one meeting or connect with several of your contacts or customers at once, there are plenty of platforms* to choose from. We’ve rounded up our favourite three for businesses, all of which offer free and premium options and allow you to make audio and video calls:

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Zoom: Quickly becoming the go-to video conferencing tool of choice for everyone from Fortune 500s to schools, Zoom allows for up to 100 guests to participate in meetings or presentations for free, so long as your meeting doesn’t exceed 40 minutes. If you need more face-time, you can upgrade for a monthly subscription fee and either in-app or on your desktop, the tool is packed with handy tools to help you collaborate, share or brainstorm online.

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Skype: The granddad of video messaging, you may have used this to catch-up with friends and family across the globe, but it’s still a great way of checking in with colleagues and customers, especially with a Microsoft Teams account.

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Whereby: The complimentary option for Whereby allows you to create your own virtual room with your personal URL meet up with four colleagues or customers at once. The Pro version will cost you around £8/€9 a month to meet up with 12 people, but also use your brand’s logo within the online meeting room. There’s no software to download and Whereby seamlessly integrates with your Google Drive, YouTube account and even Trello boards to make you fully connected. If you prefer working on your mobile phone or tablet no problem, simply install the app.

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Jitsi Meet is also a nice free and efficient tool to do virtual meetings through your mobile phones or desktop computers. Check the App Store or Google Play or go to https://meet.jit.si/

Regardless of which video streaming platform you use, make sure you use it in the recommended browser and always do a test meeting in advance to familiarise yourself with all of the tools. When it comes to organising your digital meeting, we recommend sending a digital invitation out to all of your guests containing the link.

Join the social selling revolution

Social media is the best way to broadcast your business updates to as many of your customers as possible and promote your products and it’s also a great way to widen your customer base. If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account for your business already, you should seriously consider setting one up. No additional cost. Keep your business accounts separate to your personal ones. Here are some helpful pointers...

Switch to a business account: Make sure you’ve switched your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Business Accounts. It’s a free upgrade and it opens up a lot of tools that can help boost your business. By switching your personal Instagram to a Business Account you will be able to place links to drive traffic to your Amway business as well as see a breakdown of your audience in terms of their age, location and the day and time they’re usually online.

Instagram isn’t just for photos: Instagram has quickly become one of the most effective social selling tools available to online entrepreneurs. As well as being a great place to bring products to life with great photography and clever use of imagery or video. Creating an Instagram feed is quick and easy to do (see these useful English videos** for more information https://youtu.be/tjrUfiiyjyA and https://youtu.be/F0z2tT2iB4Q or for ABOs check the Amway Academy section - but first please log in) and use live streaming to deliver product demonstrations or answer frequently asked customer questions.

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Staying in touch is easy!

Spread the word: Link up all of your social media platforms. For example; add your Instagram handle to your Facebook and YouTube profiles. Add your handles onto your email signature and ensure a link to your personal page on the Amway website is on every social media bio and profile. Last but not least, follow our official Amway channels:

Amway Europe Facebook page | Amway Home Europe Facebook page | Nutrilite Europe Facebook page | Nutrilite Europe Instagram page | Artistry Europe Facebook page | Artistry Europe Instagram | XS Europe Facebook page | XS Europe Instagram | Amway Europe YouTube

The benefit of social media is that you can join straight away and start developing your own online community. The key to success with these digital tools is to be organised. Divide your customer base into those who would prefer one-to-ones and those who would benefit most from wider meetings. And on social media, set out a schedule of the content you want to post and stick to it.

For more hints and tips visit our Amway, together at home content hub.

*please note any links to third-party software available on this website are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied and such software is to be used at your own risk.

**if you prefer, look for similar videos in your local language, there are plenty of them.

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