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Protecting your work/home-life balance

Business Life

We know staying at home can be a challenge. Here are our 5 tips to make things easier

Our homes, much like every other aspect of our lives, have had to adapt to accommodate a new reality. Where our home was once a place of respite, somewhere to return to after the rigours of the day to connect with our families, it is now our remote office, a school for little ones, a workout studio and a place for culture and entertainment. It’s a tall ask to expect a home to simultaneously be all these things and it is especially difficult to create a distinction between where the working day ends and family time begins. Here’s how to make your professional and personal lives run more smoothly at home.

1. Maintain a morning ritual…

A routine is key to feeling productive so as tempting as it can be to hit the snooze button you should maintain your regular waking time even if you’re not doing the morning commute. Check off your usual morning activities, and then why not use the time you would normally spend commuting doing something that nourishes you? Read, listen to a podcast, catch up with the news or just enjoy a moment of quiet while you write down what you would like to accomplish that day.

2. Designate a space for work…

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For many of us, remote working is the new normal. In-person meetings have been replaced with video calls and a quick chat with colleagues now takes place over the phone. To maintain productivity despite your surroundings it’s important to create a space for your work. Countless studies have shown that just looking at nature can improve well-being so position your desk near a window if you have the option. No window? No problem. Surround yourself with house plants such as golden pothos and aloe vera which help to purify the air and offer up some greenery. Use a chair that supports your back - after all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in it - and make sure your family knows that the area is exclusively reserved for your work.

3. Create a schedule and stick to it…

We are creatures of habit and so the recent changes to our everyday routine can feel unsettling, to say the least. Make the transition to home-working easier by setting strict work hours. We know that it can be all too easy to start work early and finish late but you owe it to yourself, and your family, to not allow your work to spill over into your home life. This doesn’t mean you have to be tied to your desk for hours on end, instead, work your schedule around when you are at your most productive and be sure to take regular breaks and enjoy some fresh air if you have the option.

4. Reclaim your lunch break…

Don’t be tempted to work through lunch, you’re entitled to a proper break even if you have to remain at home. Use your hour to enjoy a plate of deliciously healthy food and then try an activity that provides some mental escapism. Museums and theatres around the world are sharing exclusive tours and performances on social media, while others are sharing insights into activities you may be unfamiliar with such as sound baths, meditation, facial massage and even cook-alongs. The sky's the limit.

5. You can still be social...

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Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Switch off from work with a family meal and really try to make the best of it. There’s a growing trend to make every meal a special one so don’t save your best crockery or glassware for a far off occasion, use them now. Cherish the moments you spend with your family around a table sharing a meal as the additional time we have now to talk and bond with our loved ones is a gift. If you’re isolating alone, tee up a video call with some friends, enjoy a meal and catch up or watch a box set together, but separately. We’re all in this together.

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