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Share the Amway love, starting this month

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New customer loyalty programmes help attract customers and increase customers’ purchases

We introduced a game-changer to your market this month. Four customer loyalty programmes – which have been successful across Western Europe – launched in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey. These customer loyalty programmes are part of our commitment to make the customer experience and our support for ABOs better than ever. These support tools are designed to attract and retain loyal customers, helping ABOs build profitable, sustainable businesses, and helping promote products to referred customers.

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The timing couldn’t be better: customer loyalty programmes launch at the same time as two Core Plus+ Discretionary Incentive programme components: Customer Sales Incentive+ (CSI) and Bronze Incentives+. Customer loyalty programmes can help you grow customer volume, which can help you earn more from CSI and the Core Plan*. In addition, there is an opportunity to link it to Bronze as well. Help your downline ABOs work with the customer loyalty programmes to increase their customer volume, setting you up for greater Bronze rewards as well! Learn more about Core Plus+ .

The four customer loyalty programmes

Let’s take a look at the four customer loyalty programmes and how they can help registered customers lead better, healthier lives while they help ABOs grow their businesses.

1. Amway Most Loved

Amway Most Loved , a collection of best-selling products and Amway personal favourites, makes it easy to direct customers to products they are sure to love among Amway’s extensive beauty, nutrition and home product ranges. They’re great conversation starters that allow you to provide a personalised experience for customers.

2. Amway Most Loved Value Packs

Amway Most Loved Value Packs feature pairings of Amway’s most-popular products that work even better together:

  1. All About Eyes Pack, pairing the ARTISTRY STUDIO Bangkok Edition Mascara Base Primer and NYC Edition 3-in-1 Mascara

  2. G&H All Day Confidence Pack, pairing G&H PROTECT+™ Deodorant & Antiperspirant Roll-On and G&H NOURISH+™ Body Lotion.

  3. Glister Happy Smile Pack, pairing GLISTER Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste and GLISTER Concentrated Mouthwash

  4. Nutrilite™ Happy Aging Pack, pairing Omega 3 (90 tabs) and CalMagD Plus (180 tabs)

  5. Ultimate Cleaning Pack, pairing L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

The Value Packs are easy-to-promote items at easy-to-remember discounted** prices. They are proven to inspire existing customers to purchase additional products that work well with their favourites and encourage new customers to try more than one product when first introduced to Amway.

ABOs are also eligible to enjoy Amway Most Loved Value Packs!

3. The Recurring Order service

The Recurring Order service enables customers to save money and time by having select Nutrilite products delivered automatically, with no need to submit a new order. Customers choose the schedule that works for them – monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months – and can change or cancel anytime.

The service is available to registered customers – who receive a 5% discount** on every order and to ABOs – who receive a 15% discount** on every third order.

It’s easy to share the good news with customers that they can save money and time by having their favourite supplements automatically delivered.

Recurring Orders continue until the registered customer cancels the subscription. This reliability helps ABOs and their teams plan for the next month’s qualification, as they will know how much PV they have, and helps plan for future purchases with retail discounts in their escrow.

4. Free shipping

Free shipping is provided to registered customers on orders that meet a market-specific threshold, which for our market is £49.00 / €59.00.

Free shipping programmes are proven to drive additional customer sales and entice customers to try additional Amway products. In Western Europe, where free shipping has been available since April 2021, 65% of registered customers are placing orders that qualify. And, orders above the free shipping threshold have increased by 38% across all Western European markets, versus before the programme launch.

Free shipping works well with the other customer loyalty programmes so it’s convenient to promote it when you promote Amway Most Loved Value Packs, Recurring Order service and, of course, Amway Most Loved. When you promote free shipping, you can grow your team’s Verified Customer Sales!


Encourage customers to register. Customer loyalty programmes are available only to registered customers.

Questions? Talk to your sponsor or contact Customer Service.

*Only ABOs who have sufficient registration of their business activity with the local state and tax authorities are eligible to receive bonuses and cash incentives as well as any income deriving from commission trade and/or intermediation of the sale of products.

**PV/BV proportionally decreases.

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