• Special Turkish Dessert – traditionally known as Künefe

    Level of difficulty: Easy to medium

    Equipment used: iCook 30 cm non-stick frying pan, iCook 5-piece knife set, iCook mixing bowl

    Yasemin Uzunpostalcı also shares, “If you don’t like cheese, you can use walnuts instead.” Yasemin comes from Konya, Turkey, and has a pin level of Founders Platinum.

    Ingredients for the pastry: 400 g finely shredded filo pastry (also known as kataifi pastry), 250 g mozzarella or unsalted string cheese, 100 g unsalted butter, ½ tbsp of molasses

    Ingredients for the syrup: 200 g sugar, 400 ml water, 2–3 drops of lemon juice


    1. To make the syrup, pour the water and sugar into your saucepan and simmer for five minutes or until the sugar has completely dissolved. Be sure to stir continuously. Take it off the heat, stir in the lemon juice and leave to cool down.

    2. In your pan, mix a quarter of the soft butter and the molasses with your fingers in the centre of the pan. Spread the butter paste across the pan so its entire surface is covered.

    3. Place the finely shredded pastry on a clean bench. Melt the rest of the butter and then pour it on the pastry. Mix in the butter with your fingertips until the shredded pastry becomes evenly sticky.

    4. Take half of the buttered pastry and press it firmly into your butter- and molasses-covered pan. Cover the pan firmly to make your first layer.

    5. Cut your cheese into thin slices and place it evenly across the first layer of pastry. The cheese forms your second even layer. Take the remaining pastry and press it onto the cheese to make your third and final layer.

    6. Place the pan on your stove top at a low-medium heat for 2–3 minutes or until the pastry has become golden brown. Consistently give your pan a little shake to stop the pastry from sticking. Flip it upside down with the help of a dinner plate and cook the other side the same way. Once the second side is golden brown, pour your prepared syrup across the dessert and take it off the heat. Serve it with some delicious pistachios or any type of nut!

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