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A trio of success

Beauty & Grooming

Michelle D’Allaird outlines a simple cross-selling strategy for three outstanding collections

We live in a society today in which everything seems so complicated. Our busy days, lives, families, jobs, businesses … when in reality it is quite simple – we are the ones making it complicated.

Life can be simple, and success can be simple. It begins with one thing: a simple, solid foundation. A foundation that can be built upon. At the core of the Trio of Success are the three product lines: Nutrition, Beauty and Personal Care – three amazing collections that are not only the foundation of their category, but are also the foundation to complete business success.

A nutritional foundation requires the of basics of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and macronutrients like protein and fatty acids, all to keep the body in peak condition. NUTRILITE™ Daily and NUTRILITE DOUBLE X™ provide the body with groups of vitamins and minerals essential for the body to perform the hundreds of things it requires to sustain life. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and taking protein powder helps provide every cell in the body with the ability to grow, repair and flourish. Finally, Omega-3 fatty acids keep the blood flowing and the body pumping. These foundational elements are vital to every person, no matter their age or lifestyle. Once the body is fuelled by these basic necessities, one will soon see the benefit of additional supplementation.

Perfectly combined

Combining the essentials by ARTISTRY™ skincare range provides you with your foundation to beautiful skin – the necessities of cleansing and hydrating for those new to a skincare routine, younger women using skincare products – for any age, skin type or ethnicity. There are four simple basic skincare products that every woman will want to use daily!

With the G&HTM body care line, you have the foundation for wellness for the whole family. A superior collection of products to care for every inch of the body. Formulated to nourish, refresh and protect every member of the family from three years and above. I simply love this collection. You will soon find that you will have a G&H product of some kind in every room of your house. Body washes, soaps, lotions, hand cream, deodorant and antiperspirant; products that every one of us use every single day!

These collections are your foundation, your simple solution to “building” success!

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