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Your luxury spa at home

Beauty & Grooming

Care for beauty, body and soul in your own relaxing oasis

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – especially later-than-usual party nights and stressful shopping trips – it is easy to get run down and feel depleted. Even if you could get a spa appointment, who has the time? New plan: create a personal spa right in your own home.

It all starts with filling up your bathtub. Often, we get so used to our fast showers we forget how a relaxing warm bath can change our outlook on the day! One word of warning: water should not be too hot, and don’t stay in too long, as this can irritate or dry skin. To create a truly peaceful environment, you’ll want to leave your phone in the kitchen with the sound off. Now take a look at some ideas for re-creating professional spa perks in your own bathroom:

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  1. Music and lighting. Both should be minimal, preferably just candlelight and the faintest of relaxation music or nature sounds.

  2. Scent is key. Aromatherapy scents – including lavender, lilac and sandalwood – will help you to relax quickly. Try warming natural oils to permeate the air with fragrance.

  3. Once you are basking in warmth, the G&H NOURISH+™ Body Wash containing natural ingredients is a perfectly gentle start for washing the day away.

  4. Warm towels. This one may be a surprise! You may not have a warming machine or heated rack but you can submerge a towel in your bath water to rest on your shoulders.

  5. Don’t forget to hydrate! Prepare lemon or cucumber water – just like the professionals.

  6. The BIG bathrobe. Does anything say luxury more than a plush cotton or kimono robe? Live like a queen (or king!) Once dry, apply G&H NOURISH+ Body Lotion to lock in moisture and keep skin healthy-looking.

If you'd like to be cost-effective while reducing waste, buy the G&H NOURISH+ Body Wash Refill and save 15% in comparison to the regular G&H NOURISH+ Body Wash product.

Don’t forget that people go off to spa for lifestyle changes and a path to greater wellbeing. Remember that a healthy approach to nutrition, hydration, work-life balance and exercise will ultimately give your beauty, body and soul the care they deserve.

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