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Pretty passionate

Beauty & Grooming

Meet two inspirational women who encourage us to be ourselves and embrace all we love about life

Have you ever been so enthusiastic about something that a fire burns inside you – so much that you just have to harness this burning obsession and use it to take action and drive forwards? If so, we can call you a passionista! We met two inspirational women who too are passionistas and see passion as a way of life. The project currently driving their passions incorporates a love of life, of travel, culture, art, fashion and makeup.

Street artist Lady JDay and passionista Andrea DeVos have recently collaborated on a new line of colour cosmetics which encourages us all to embrace our own passions and express our own unique beauty – ARTISTRY Studio™!

This exciting new line not only allows those who love cosmetics to try out these latest products – but they can pass on their infectious enthusiasm to others to boost their business as well! The limited edition collections within this line are inspired by wonderful cities around the world – first stop: New York.

New York-based street artist Lady JDay has brought her unique style to this colour collection’s packaging – and we had the chance to find out more. Lady JDay tells us:

On her life as an artist

“Art makes me feel happy, free and powerful. Expressing a message through my work is the best art ever to me. I’ve found in street art a way to interact with everybody, everywhere. For the graphic part of it, I express myself more in pop art, which I really enjoy.”

Lady JDay says success is about doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and as much as you want.

On who inspires her …

“Strong, bold women inspire me. I love to depict them with bright colours to give them even more strength and convey their spirit. I paint women who have a passion for life and a deep desire to win.”

… including Andrea DeVos

“Andrea is a muse! I really love her positive energy and creativity. When she comes into the room, it lights up! When you wear the makeup she partnered on with Artistry Studio, your face lights up!”

Andrea, global passionista for ARTISTRY Studio, took some time from her busy schedule to talk to us:

On being a passionista

“I think of a passionista as someone who lives their passions and, in turn, is passionate about life. They incorporate whatever inspires them, into everything they do. It encompasses everything – not only beauty, but a broader zest for life itself.”

With her love of fashion, beauty, travel and adventure, Andrea DeVos is the perfect ambassador of the ARTISTRY Studio brand – and inspires us all to pursue our passions in life

On the roots of her passion

“My family has always been encouraged to follow our dreams and go out there and find out what made us tick. Nothing was ever prescribed for us. I think having the freedom and ability to explore has allowed me to find what I’m passionate about and to pursue something I love.”

On who inspires her, including Lady JDay

“All the women in my life have helped me notice or think about something in a different way. Regarding beauty, I find everyone has their own style or statement. When we first looked at artists for ARTISTRY Studio packaging, Lady JDay was my favourite by far for her sheer talent and unique graffiti style – and she is such a cool chick!”

On her latest project

“The partnership with ARTISTRY Studio is the perfect blend of all my passions – beauty, travel and unleashing my creativity. I can’t wait for the first collection to launch and see ABOs, Amway and ARTISTRY succeed.”

Similarly, we are very much looking forward to revealing the new ARTISTRY Studio NYC Edition which the two passionistas have been working on. Find out more: #ArtistryStudio #passionista #WearItShareIt as well as checking out Amagram articles over the next months – and be sure to follow Andrea on Instagram!

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