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Healthy-looking skin with no compromises

Beauty & Grooming

Michelle D’Allaird tells you what you should expect from the brand-new and exciting Artistry™ line.

The launch of the new Artistry product line is unlike anything I have ever seen from Artistry. It’s a powerful approach to skin health that incorporates one of the world’s finest ingredients, technology and formulations. From its ingredients to the packaging, this line is the beginning of a whole new beauty era – a new skincare era … an era of true skin nutrition.

I’m so excited, I almost don’t know where to start!

Let’s start at the beginning

You might be wondering: Why are we revamping the entire line?

The answer is threefold: Because it was time, because the market demanded it and, most importantly, to stay competitive.

Up to now, skincare researchers and brands have compared young skin with old skin and tried to help the older skin look younger. This has been the traditional approach to skincare for decades.

Amway’s research has led us to a different approach with regard to the Artistry brand. Instead of focusing on old vs young, skincare research by Artistry experts has led to a new mindset that focuses on skin that looks healthy or unhealthy. Healthy vs unhealthy and young vs old – the characteristics are the same. The objective of Artistry products is to make unhealthy skin look healthy and to keep healthy-looking skin looking healthy, at any and every age.

© Taesun Kim, Anna Wolf

The barriers of healthy-looking skin

Artistry scientists have identified five barriers that help the skin to naturally safeguard its healthy appearance. They are all located within the skin’s surface, where they overlap with each other and are highly interdependent.

The five barriers

  1. Moisture barrier: This keeps essential moisture inside the skin, rather than evaporating away.

  2. Defense barrier: Protects from external pollutants.

  3. Microbiome barrier: Balances the billions of microbes living on the skin to maintain a healthy skin flora.

  4. Environmental barrier: Protects skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressors, such as UVA and UVB rays, infrared (IR) and blue light, pollution, and free radicals.

  5. Support barrier: Keeps skin smooth, resilient and firm, while enabling the skin to produce new support proteins.

Artistry researchers then went a step further and identified what each of these barriers needs to be effective. They refer to these as the Five Nutritional Requirements, which are universal and apply equally to all skin types, tones and age.

The Five Nutritional Requirements

  1. PURIFY, to keep the skin’s defence barrier clean and free of irritants by means of cleansers and make-up removers.

  2. BALANCE, to stabilise and nurture the skin’s microbiome barrier with the use of toners.

  3. REBUILD, to strengthen and help support your skin’s barrier repair process by means of moisturisers.

  4. MOISTURISE, to saturate the skin and fortify its moisture barrier, which is also achieved with moisturisers.

  5. PROTECT, to amplify the skin’s environmental barrier by use of SPF and full light protection.

© Chris Bain

Putting “nutrition” in Artistry Skin Nutrition

Now, on to the obvious: the nutritional element in Artistry Skin Nutrition .

Every Artistry Skin Nutrition™ product includes one or more phytonutrients grown on Nutrilite™ farms or NutriCert™ certified partner farms. These farms use high-quality seeds, practice sustainable and natural farming methods and follow strict safety regulations and fair labour practices. This gives Artistry experts control of the ingredients from seed to skin.

After reviewing tens of thousands of phytonutrient sources, one botanical source rose above the rest: white chia seed. As one of nature’s richest superfoods, this superstar ingredient is a phytonutrient powerhouse that is so packed with goodies that it helps Artistry Skin Nutrition™ formulas address all five of the Skin Nutritional Requirements for visibly healthy skin. That is why it is at the heart of every Artistry Skin Nutrition™ product. And every part of the seed is used – nothing goes to waste!

© Donna Aristo

Be on the lookout!

I will save the details of each product for the big reveal, but I will tell you that you have a plethora of products to hydrate and prevent wrinkles and lines, as well as firm the skin. Each product’s ingredients are formulated to work synergistically with one another and can be mixed and matched to meet your individual needs at any time.

These new products will also work in perfect harmony with all Artistry Intensive Skincare products, Artistry Signature Select personalised serums and masks, and Dermasonic devices. What more could you ask for?

You asked, we listened

Actually, I know what you might ask and now you can truly say “NO”. There is no more animal testing, animal-derived ingredients, parabens, mineral oils or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

We have also said “YES” to vegan-friendly, inspired-by-nature, traceable “hero” ingredients, sustainable farming methods, dermatologically tested, innovative and, above all, proven safe ingredients for all skin types and all ages. And everything is produced at facilities that reuse or recycle their products, resulting in a huge reduction in paper and plastic.

Phew! There you have it. The Artistry brand, with more than 60 years of expertise in beauty and skin science, perfectly paired with Nutrilite™, the world’s #1 vitamins and dietary supplements brand*, which has more than 85 years of experience in nutrition and wellness. Combined, they make 145 years of experience! All working together for your skin health.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited. Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2020.

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