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Makeup like a pro


Get your perfect look with these tricks of the trade from top makeup artists.

Choosing the right make-up can be a challenge for even the most experienced of make-up artists. Individuality plays an essential role when it comes to techniques, colours and tools, as no two of us look alike. To help you on your way, we have collected a selection of expert tips from our ARTISTRYTM make-up artist, outlining what to look out for when choosing the right make-up. Follow this quick guide below and find the perfect look for you – no matter your mood or the occasion!

Blushing cheeks

Blush accentuates cheekbones, adding shape and definition, but it needs to be applied differently according to each face shape. If yours is:

  1. 1) Long: Find your cheekbones with your fingers then brush the colour straight on to them, blending out towards your temples. This adds width, balancing out the length.

  2. 2) Round: Suck in your cheeks and apply the blush just under your cheekbones in an angular motion, blending towards the temples for a slimming effect.

  3. 3) Square: Soften a heavy jawline by applying in a linear motion from just by the sides of your nose towards your ears.

  4. 4) Oval: Sweep straight on to your cheekbones then blend with a brush for maximum definition.

  5. 5) Heart-shaped: Soften a pointy chin by applying blush to the outer corner of your cheekbone, starting by your ear and ending just below the outer corner of your eye.

Alluring Eyes

For a wow effect, choose a shade that contrasts with your eye colour:

  1. 1) Blue: Cool blue eyes are best complemented by warm or gold tones, such as ARTISTRY Eye Colour Refill – Silk

  2. 2) Green: Be inspired by Wimbledon – purple shades with yellow undertones look amazing with green. Try ARTISTRY Eye Colour Refill – Eclipse

  3. 3) Brown: Nearly every colour works on brown eyes but for dramatic effect, try a navy such as ARTISTRY Eye Colour Refill – Capri

Lovely lips

Go for a shade that belongs to the same ‘family’ as your own natural lip colour but always balance your lip and eye make-up: team dramatic eyes with understated lips and vice versa. Also be shape-aware. If you have:

  1. 1) Full lips: You can wear light, dark, matt or shimmery options. For a dramatic look, try ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick in Daring Red.

  2. 2) Thin lips: Light-medium shades work best. Also, lip glosses are your best friend! Try ARTISTRY Lip Gloss – Raspberry Sparkle on the middle of your top and lower lips for plumping effect.

A perfect look, as made for you

With these tricks of the trade, and practice, you can also achieve perfect professional makeup looks. Get inspired by our ARTISTRY make-up artists and see below for a selection of exclusive ARTISTRY products that will help you on your way to your perfect look, as made just for you.

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