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The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection


Introducing the latest addition to the ARTISTRY skincare family - for ultimate skin hydration

Great news! This month AmwayTM launches its latest ARTISTRYTM skincare line: ARTISTRY HYDRA-VTM. This new set of premium skincare products are made especially for adding and maintaining hydration so you achieve soft, dewy and supple skin.

Focus on natural hydration

Hydration is essential for restoring vitality to your skin. To overcome the problem of dehydration, ARTISTRY scientists have developed a blend of ingredients to ensure hydration through the deepest surface layers of the skin.

The new ARTISTRY Hydra-V line-up:

1) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser
3) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Serum Concentrate (hero product)
4) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Gel
5) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Nourishing Gel Cream
6) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream
7) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream

8) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System for Oily-to-combination skin

As we’ve already learned, dehydration can affect any skin type, even oily skin . The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection, therefore, comes in three different power systems: for oily-to-combination skin, for all skin types and for dry skin.

Each power system delivers a 3-step skincare regime to keep skin hydrated:

  1. Infuse skin with water

  2. Maintain water levels

  3. Lock in hydration

Expert knowledge – applied

ARTISTRY skincare expert Michelle D'Allaird

Michelle D’Allaird, Master Skin Health Educator for ARTISTRY, recommends using a coin-sized amount of cleanser, and for all other products a thin application to the entire face, neck and décolleté.
Last month she explained the difference between dry and dehydrated skin . We asked her a few more questions about a proper skincare regime:

Why should you apply ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products to your neck and décolleté?

"The neck and décolleté are part of the face. The skin there is delicate and exposed to the same external influences as the face. Everything you do to the face should also be done to the neck and décolleté."

9) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System for ALL skin types

How does skin change as you age?

"Cell turnover, cell energy, natural lipids and natural fat decrease. Collagen and elastin also deplete. These all result in lack of hydration, firmness, plumpness and youthful surface skin cells, which then lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

Why is it important to take care of your skin when you are young?

"It’s easier to care for what you have when you have it then to try to fix it later on. The sooner youthful skin is cared for, the longer it will maintain its youthful qualities."

10) ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System for dry skin

Interested in learning more about how to use and sell the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection to your clients? Read about our Amway Academy course, specially tailored to the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V product offering .

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