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A luxurious way to revitalise your face


The new face mask by ARTISTRY HYDRA-V leaves your skin dewy and soft in just 20 minutes.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter season is the time of year when we feel defeated by the harsh weather and almost accept that we can’t look our best. Think again – all it takes is a small shift in our skincare routines for us to step out with a complexion others will envy. As always, ARTISTRY™ products provide the answers – with some exciting new launches to complement your beauty favourites. First up: the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ Moisture Mask!

Pamper your skin

The frosty season can really dehydrate our skin, leading to problems such as flakiness, redness and a tight feeling. Our skin needs more intensive care at this time, with rapid results to revitalise our complexion and restore our confidence. ARTISTRY has just launched a solution that is sure to become a necessity in every woman’s (and man’s!) skin care regimen.

As we’ve learned, anyone can suffer from dehydration of their skin. The new ARTISTRY HYDRA-VTM Moisture Mask is the hydration solution for winter skin needing a beauty boost. Michelle D’Allaird, Master Skin Care and Health Educator for ARTISTRY, has seen a whole array of impressive products throughout her career, yet says of this new launch, “This is a mask unlike any I have experienced in the past. I remember my first use. I was on the road last October, touring Europe. Seven countries, nine cities and 15 events in two weeks, and I had one mask to try. After 20 minutes my tired, aged, stressed skin looked like it was 35 again! I couldn’t believe the improvement that looked just as amazing the next morning.”

The mask contains water from the Norwegian Fjord region combined with the exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V liposome. Together, they reach right down into the deeper surface layers of the skin – simply put, these ingredients are able to do the necessary ground work to quench thirsty skin.

Michelle tells us, “In combination with hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that holds 1,000 times its weight in water, these ingredients lock moisture into the depth of the skin and tightly between the cells for plump, hydrated, youthful-looking skin!”

Open the pouch and take out the mask. With the mesh side facing away from you, apply the mask to your face then remove the mesh. Enjoy the relaxing sensation as the soothing, hydrating ingredients are delivered to your skin. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes before continuing with your normal skin care regime.

Keep an eye on Amagram Online for upcoming launches, including something new from ARTISTRY!

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