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Beauty Buzz: Hydration for healthy looking skin


Introducing Beauty Buzz, a new regular column by Amway's skincare expert Michelle D'Allaird.

What I love the most about ARTISTRY™ is that every collection has a story, a unique and inspiring positioning backed by technology and ingredients – and supported by clinical data. It's one of the many things that place ARTISTRY skincare in its premium position.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-VTM story is a simple story: hydration. Everything from the environment to stress, temperature changes and travel, as well as eating habits, lack of sleep, medication and improper skincare can make skin become dehydrated.

Perhaps anti-ageing is your main concern, but if your skin isn't healthy you can use all the anti-ageing skincare products in the world – you still won't see optimal results. Your skin just won't be functioning at its optimal level of wellbeing. It’s like trying to repaint the exterior of a house without scraping off the old, peeling paint. You can add all the fresh paint that you want, but when the foundation isn't healthy, you lack the basis for an optimal appearance.

As Amway scientists continue to outdo themselves with superior product development, once again they've created a product that's essential to everyone: the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Moisture Mask, a sheet mask packed full of ARTISTRY technology and ingredients to help enhance the moisture levels in the skin. The terrific thing about masks is that since they aren't part of a core daily regimen, they can be integrated with any skincare line, not just the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V regimen. This applies to men, too!

I recommend nighttime use, but if you only have time in the day, it's absolutely fine. Always follow your skincare regimen:

  1. Prepare with cleanser and toner

  2. Infuse with serum and mask

  3. Nourish with moisturiser

Your regimen should never change. Cleanse, tone, apply serum, apply sheet mask, remove mask and gently rub the remaining product into the skin. Apply eye moisturiser, apply facial moisturiser.

If you really want to stir up excitement, the next time you’re travelling, pull the Moisture Mask out on the plane, close your eyes and wake up to phenomenal skin … and a whole lot of new customers!

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Moisture Mask is one product that I can rely on for skin that feels hydrated. But there's more to soft, clear skin than premium skincare products. For more than 20 years, I've been teaching skincare professionals the necessity of consulting with customers on their lifestyle habits. Because what we see on the outside is a direct reflection of what's on the inside.

Target beauty from the inside with TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE™. A balance of inner and outer wellbeing is the secret to overall beauty, and ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE, two of the top beauty and nutrition brands in the world, have come together to deliver the secret to your hands – and your skin. Don't let a day pass without using TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE supplements!

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