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Beauty Buzz: Everyone needs a hero


The hero product in each skincare regimen: your serum. Column by Michelle D’Allaird, ARTISTRY Master Skin Health Educator.

We can all use a “hero” in our life. That one person guaranteed to give you extra support, extra guidance and be the “rock” that you can rely on to help get you through that next challenge. Well, guess what – your skin needs a hero too, and it just so happens that every ARTISTRY™ Skincare Collection gives you one. Are you wondering what in the world I am talking about? Well, you shouldn’t wonder, you should know, your hero product in each collection … your serum.

Concentrated results

Several years ago the skincare profession started a new craze of products that were highly concentrated with key ingredients to have an impact on the skin. The ARTISTRY brand went one step further. ARTISTRY began to develop highly concentrated effective treatments for every collection. The idea behind each serum was to formulate a product with the highest concentration of each of the key ingredients within the collection. These lightweight masterpieces are packed with key active ingredients to infuse the skin for optimal results. What’s even better is that ARTISTRY was able to accomplish this with each one of its key collections, ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND, ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ and ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™.

Serums have long been used in the skincare segment, and for many years were only accessible through the services of a skincare professional. This is no longer the case, making their availability to the consumer a “golden nugget”. These concentrated serums allow for “concentrated results” right at home.

These serums play an essential role within the skincare collection because they have the ability to boost the effectiveness of every other product within the collection. Depending on your skin needs and concern, you may pick the respective ARTISTRY Skincare Collection and the hero serum.

Hydration 24 hours: ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate is packed with Norwegian Fjord Water, Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals and Hawaiian Acai. It saturates the skin with water, ensuring that every skin cell receives some water, and then locks it in from the surface.

Youthful and reprogrammed skin: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Serum Concentrate is packed with Life Sirt, Micro X6 peptide and African baobab. It saturates the skin with ingredients for youthful-looking skin cells, which help to repair damage and protect the skin.

Illuminating and radiant skin: ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Illuminating Essence is packed with 3D Technology, Pearl Extract and a Microflora Blend to minimise pigment and protect the skin to achieve a luminous, even skin tone.

Keep in mind that, for optimal results, these serums are formulated to work with their entire skincare collection. I’m often asked if using the serum alone is enough. Although it has a high number of active ingredients, the problem lies with what is being used before and after. If your cleanser, toner and moisturiser are not supporting the benefits of the serum, then you will not achieve optimal results. Furthermore, if you’re cleaning with soap or an inferior cleanser, and not using a moisturiser, then you can forget about results altogether.

The next question I’m frequently asked is: “Isn’t my moisturiser enough?” ARTISTRY moisturisers have many of the essential ingredients, but being a “cream” or “lotion” consistency, they do not penetrate the skin the way that a serum does.

The secret to beautiful skin: use your serum, use your full skincare collection. It will help you achieve healthy-looking, more subtle, soft skin!

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