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Beauty Buzz: Do I really need a toner?


Our beauty and skincare expert Michelle D’Allaird says yes!

I have been practicing skincare for more than twenty years and do you know for how long I have been asked about the necessity of toners? For more than twenty years! And the answer is yes, you do need to use a toner.

The necessity of toner has long been misguided. Many believe it’s simply a “freshener” or an added product to moisten and hydrate the skin. But this idea is far from the truth. Toners are the final step of the cleansing process. They prepare the skin for optimal acceptance of nutrient-rich treatment products, such as serums and moisturisers.

But let me walk you through the science behind their formulation. Cleansing products are designed to remove dirt, oil and debris from the skin. They are formulated in such a way with necessary cleansing ingredients to accomplish the task of ridding the skin of all it's exposed to throughout the day. In order to do this, the ingredients are slightly above the skin’s natural pH level. The pH is a protective barrier level that keeps the important components locked into our skin and prevents the external influences from entering. Simply put, pH keeps the internal skin layers protected while keeping the external influences out. When products are formulated slightly above the skins natural pH they perform a task called “saponification”. Yes, a tricky word, but all it means is “to dissolve oil”. And what is the role of a cleanser? That's right: to dissolve!

This is all well and good, but we do not want to leave the skin’s pH even slightly elevated because it has the potential to cause skin sensitivity and even breakouts. So what is the solution? A toner!

Toners are formulated to work in conjunction with a specific cleanser. Their ingredients as well as their pH level complete the cleansing process and rebalance the skin's pH level. The proper pH level is critical in order for any product applied after the cleanser and toner works to achieve this.

When battling the toner question from clients, I give them a challenge, the same challenge I am about to give to you. For one week I want you to use your toner, after cleansing, twice per day … and then tell me after one week that you do NOT see a difference in your skin. I guarantee you will never not use your toner again.

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