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Beauty Buzz: The perfect skincare partnership


Michelle D’Allaird shares her thoughts on how to achieve skin twice as beautiful.

The connection of “inner-outer” beauty has long been a foundation in the skincare profession. For more than 20 years, when I treat my clients, my very first step is to identify their eating habits, lifestyle habits and general wellbeing.

Of all of the skin ailments that one might experience, including the signs of ageing, there is one constant condition that affects individuals of all ages, all ethnicities and all skin types: dehydration – the lack of adequate water caused by the environment, poor eating, poor skincare, travel, pollution, medication, climate changes, smoking, drinking and stress. Your body needs water to survive, and so does your skin. The largest organ of the human body requires hydration and protection in order to function, sustain itself and maintain a healthy appearance.

TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™ in partnership with the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ line provide the skin with everything it could possibly need in order to maintain its hydration and protection. It’s one of the most perfect partnerships I have ever seen in the beauty business. ARTISTRY HYDRA-V has three key ingredients that provide great hydration to the skin and then retain the hydration benefits for a long time. TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE provides a good amount of vitamin C and zinc. Both collections along with two exclusive complexes work day and night to protect the cells.

There’s no better way to achieve youthful-looking skin than when the skin is hydrated and protected from the outside, and nourished and protected from the inside.

I can tell you that, in years of experience in the skincare profession and working with dozens of skincare products, I have seen some amazing skincare claims and results. The combination of TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V is powerful. But that’s just my personal opinion. Don't take my word for it … take the challenge and see for yourself!

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