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The truest way to amazing skin!


Michelle D’Allaird on true skin hydration care and TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE.

The world of skincare has changed dramatically over the years. 25 years ago, the idea of using multiple skincare products on a daily basis to care for the skin and prevent the ageing process was not a common practice for the majority of women … and certainly not men. But what we now know about skincare has changed!

Exclusive complexes that work day and night

Nowadays we prep, infuse and hydrate our skin multiple times a day with the most advanced products and ingredients. We carefully question active ingredients and seek only those that are clinically proven to deliver the healthiest, most youthful-looking skin. We look for products to promote the appearance of cell renewal, minimise the look of wrinkles, decrease dark spots and pack the skin with hydration. We seek quality, results and visible improvements.

What we often fail to remember is that even the most superior skincare products will not be optimally effective if we are not equally attentive to the internal health of our bodies. This is not new information. For years, researchers have clearly identified the link between wellbeing on the inside to beauty on the outside. However, Amway has taken the information down to the simplest necessity required of a human being … water … hydration. Our bodies can’t survive without it and neither can our skin.

The development of ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ collection has addressed this issue, but the development of TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE™ won me over!

Why? It’s simple. TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE contains essential antioxidants, vitamin C and zinc, in combination with two exclusive complexes, Phytoceramide and PHYTOINFUSE™.

One little packet, two powerful supplements

Taken once daily, the TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE Beauty Powder Drink provides a refreshing mix of nutrients that support the skin's beauty and contribute to reducing the appearance of tiredness and fatigue.

Taken at night, the TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE Beauty Supplement helps relieve skin from oxidative stress,* complementing the natural restorative sleep cycle, and leaving you to wake up with skin that looks and feels refreshed and revitalised.

Our skin is exposed to elements that are continuously depleting hydration: pollution, smoke, UV, poor diet, medications, travel, temperature changes – constant attacks that can easily be warded off with one little packet and two powerful supplements every day!

* Oxidative stress arises from, for example, environmental impact (ozone, pollution, sunlight etc.), the metabolism (free radicals) or stress.

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