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How serums address our very individual skincare needs

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of skincare is not an easy task. What is easy is finding a product that suits your own needs and delivers results. All one needs to do is turn to ARTISTRY™.

ARTISTRY has always been “two steps ahead” of the competition – until now, where it is leaps and bounds ahead! With the finest ingredients delivering the most visible results, the ARTISTRY products maximise effectiveness while embracing personalisation.

First is maximum effectiveness. Each product in a skincare collection has an important role. I always explain to my clients that true benefits come from a full skincare collection, sort of like a team working together. If you want maximum benefits from a treatment product you need clean skin, which means a good cleanser. For maximum benefits of a moisturiser, you need to ensure minimal cell build-up – which means a good exfoliator, and so on – you get what I am saying.

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Michelle explains why skincare is all about you! Please note, this video is in English only.

However, when it comes to delivering the highest concentration of active ingredients, a “serum” is an absolute must-have product. Because of their formulations, serums have the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, delivering active ingredients to very specific, targeted skin concerns. ARTISTRY serums contain highly specified active ingredients that are carried by an antioxidant-rich, NUTRILITE-ingredient-packed base that is propelled into the skin with power and purity – unlike any other product on the market.

Second is embracing personalisation. Why personalisation? Because each and every one of us is different. We have different skin, different influencing factors, different lifestyles, different genetic factors and different concerns that, above all, are constantly changing. What meets our skin needs today will most likely be completely different in six months.

Why a serum? Because of maximum benefits.

Why personalisation? Because it’s all about YOU!

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