The heat, the cold ... and YOUR skin!


Your skin has special hydration needs in winter.

As I've mentioned before, you should alter your homecare regimen with the change of seasons. That's why, this month, we are going to discuss the dry, cold winter months and tricks you can use to care for and protect your skin.

In the winter, our skin is stressed by extreme temperature changes: dry heat inside and cold, windy air outside. It takes a great deal of physiological activity for the skin to adapt to these changes and stay protected. This is multiplied for individuals who spend a great deal of time outdoors!

The secret is hydration, hydration, hydration. All skin types require moisture - even oily skin - but, in the winter, it is absolutely critical. Giving your skin extra moisture is simple and there are several ways to accomplish your mission. It may take some trial and error at first to find out which solution is best-suited to your skin and, by all means, there is no need to use them all!

If you are currently using a lotion as a moisturiser, switch to a cream. Now is the perfect time to move from ARTISTRY™ TIME DEFIANCE™ lotions to rich, lovely TIME DEFIANCE creams. It may also be an opportune time to switch to a creamy facial cleanser as well.

Apply extra moisturiser beneath your daily SPF; for instance, a small amount of your night moisturiser. An exceptional winter solution is to apply a small amount of ARTISTRY Creme LuXury.

My favourite winter trick is to add a few drops of ARTISTRY essentials Moisture Plus to my skin before applying my day and night moisturisers or mix a few drops right into the moisturisers themselves. ARTISTRY essentials Moisture Plus is a fabulous solution to prevent dryness and protect the skin without clogging; even for oily skin. Just remember, a few drops is ALL that is needed!

Lastly, don’t forget your SPF! I realise it may not seem as important, but it's critical! UV rays reflect off snow and ice, and penetrate through the clouds. Protect that beautiful skin. Using these few simple winter tricks, you can keep your skin moist, supple and youthful-looking!

If you spend a great deal of time participating in outdoor winter activities, apply a bit more ARTISTRY essentials Moisture Plus, a layer of moisturiser and seal it in with SPF!

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