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A day to remember


Michelle D'Allaird helps make our skin glow for big days and special occasions.

There are so many special events taking place this time of the year: proms, graduation and of course the timeless moment of a wedding. Most women want to look their best for special moments like these, and nothing says "beauty" better than glowing, youthful-looking skin. ARTISTRY™ has a selection of products to help you achieve the right results; however – over the years – I've found an ideal programme to suit almost any “glow”-seeking skincare lover!

Countdown to beauty

To achieve a beautiful glow, you'll want to start eight weeks before the big event. Continue using your core regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturising and applying eye cream twice a day as usual. However, in the morning, after you’ve used your toner, apply ARTISTRY TIME DEFIANCE™ Vitamin C and Wild Yam to your face, neck and décolleté, and then finish with your SPF-fortified day moisturiser. Not only will this treatment help increase your skin’s firmness, it will also make your skin look brighter.

As for your evening programme, start off by using ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel two to three times a week for six weeks, together with your regular night-time routine. After cleansing, smooth a moist layer of eight full pumps of Renewing Peel over your face, avoiding your eye area. Follow with toner, ARTISTRY TIME DEFIANCE Illuminating Essence, and finish off with your night-time moisturiser. The Renewing Peel will rid the upper layers of the skin of any build-up of dead skin, allowing your other ARTISTRY products to better penetrate your skin. Illuminating Essence evens skin tone and brightens the skin’s overall appearance. To feed and nourish your skin, complete your evening routine with night-time moisturiser. On evenings where you don’t apply Renewing Peel, apply your night-time moisturiser of choice after using your toner.

Just two weeks to go

Once this six-week programme is completed, carry out the following two-week programme and give your skin a real boost: start using Illuminating Essence in the morning instead of Vitamin C and Wild Yam. Before going to bed, cleanse and tone your skin and then follow through with the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare 14 Night Restore treatment. Finish off with ARTISTRY Creme LuXury.

If you follow this simple routine, you'll have beautiful, glowing skin in no time at all. What’s more, it will create the perfect canvas for a complete ARTISTRY makeup makeover and an exquisitely breathtaking beauty for your big day.

Finishing touches

As the big day draws near, get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. When you wake up in the morning, cleanse your skin, give it a splash of cold water and then use your toner. Here's a skin-tightening trick: soak a cotton ball in milk, squeeze out any excess milk and wipe the cotton ball across your entire face. The lactic acid will tighten up your skin and brighten your complexion. Next, apply a light layer of Creme LuXury, followed by a day cream with SPF. When applying different creams, it is very important to wait a minute or two between applications so that the creams can be better absorbed, ensuring your makeup lasts longer.

When you put on your makeup, apply foundation over the entire face, including the eye area. Apply powder to your entire face to set the foundation. Next, sculpt your eyes with eye colour, eyeliner and mascara, then finish off with blush, lipstick and a small amount of lip gloss in the centre of each lip.

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