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A beautiful holiday


Michelle D’Allaird on how to make your skin care routine holiday friendly.

It’s the time of year to begin enjoying family time, personal time and the beauty of the summer season. In other words: yes, it’s almost summer holiday time!

To many people, the last thing on their mind during their holiday is anything that has to do with the everyday regimen of non-holiday time – including caring for their skin. But the skin never goes on holiday, and neither should caring for it! However, I do look at this time as an opportunity to change my daily regimen to something quicker and easier that fits my holiday schedule.

I often say that it is a good idea to make changes to the daily skin care regimen. Skin care is much like food – it is nourishment for the skin. Do you eat the exact same food every day? Of course not! So why should your skin? Not to mention that while travelling you want to pack as lightly as possible, and a lot of large bottles and jars of skin care products can be quite cumbersome to carry around.

A holiday-friendly solution

Here is the perfect solution for taking care of your skin during the summer time: ARTISTRY™ essentials Mini Systems. These are ideal travel-sized products that can even be taken with you as carry-on luggage on the plane. The essentials Hydrating mini system for normal to dry skin and the essentials Balancing mini system for normal to oily skin meet the needs of any skin type. Three small products and your favorite eye cream are all you need for basic care of your skin during holiday time. And fortunately, ARTISTRY essentials Replenishing Eye Crème is also small and easy to transport!

If you are currently an ARTISTRY essentials skin care user, then your skin is likely already happy with its daily nourishment. Perhaps you are a TIME DEFIANCE or Creme LuXury skin care user? Then this is an ideal opportunity to make an occasional change to what you feed your skin. Either way, you will be glad to have a simple regimen to maintain healthy, nourished skin – while enjoying your holiday. Remember, planning is essential for any successful holiday. So buy these holiday-friendly skin care products already now, prepare your luggage and get set up for the season!

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