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A smooth landing for your skin


Use these helpful tips to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing during your holidays.

We can all agree that holidays are rejuvenating: they give us a chance to take time out from our everyday routine and responsibilities. We usually get compliments on our return about how relaxed we look. But if we look closely in the mirror, do we see the youthful, glowing skin we are all striving for?
Flights, especially long haul, take their toll on our skin, as does the sun and, depending on where we go, the change in climate too. So although we feel invigorated by a vacation, our complexion might not reflect this. Don’t get caught out during your next break – defend your skin with the following tricks:

1. Hydrate from within

You may feel you drink enough fluids on an average day. However, the pressurised, dry air in the cabin of an aircraft, air conditioning in hotels, and warmer temperatures, are all dehydrating factors and add up to a need to drink more than usual.
Sip plenty of pure water and, for a bit of variety, try different teas and juices. But remember, alcohol and coffee don’t replenish your body's fluid levels and can have a negative impact on your skin. So if you plan to indulge in a few cocktails or cappuccinos, try to alternate them with water to avoid headaches as well as dark circles under your eyes.

2. Protect your outer layers

Add moisturiser to your face, neck and throat area before and even during the flight. Don’t be shy – set an example for others so they too will look after their skin!
The beautycycle™ Water Hydrate Replenish Day Crème with SPF 15 is ideal for the daytime, adding a bit of sun protection as well as sealing in your skin’s moisture. For night flights and warm evenings, the Night Crème of the same range offers comfort to drying skin. The Day and Night Crème are both 60ml so are fine to slip into your hand luggage even with the current liquid restrictions on flights.

3. Use a mask for extra moisture

Just as you’d use a deep conditioner on your hair when extra care is needed, you can also apply a mask to your face and neck. Before and during your holiday, use beautycycle Fire Illuminating Hydro-Masque for an additional surge of moisture.

4. Cleanse – above the clouds!

Cleansing is just as important during your travels as at any other time and allows your moisturiser to soak in and do its work. Ensure you remove any traces of make-up before snoozing on the plane with beautycycle Make-Up Remover Towelettes. These are also handy for making that evening swap between wearing day and night creams, at the airport or on-board your flight – especially during long journeys.

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