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The origins of ARTISTRY


When using and selling an ever-evolving, cutting-edge beauty brand such as ARTISTRY, it is important to fully understand the brand’s foundation.

Last month, I discussed one of the ‘pillars’ of the ARTISTRY™ brand, DISCOVERY. But not many of us can stand on one leg, at least not for very long. Amway realises this, and has given us three powerful legs, or pillars, to serve as an unmovable foundation for the ARTISTRY brand.
IMAGINATION is the ability to ‘think outside of the box’. To comprehend, create and master a concept. A pillar of the ARTISTRY brand is to develop products through imagination. This involves comprehending what the ARTISTRY woman needs, creating products that deliver, and mastering technology, ingredients and benefits.
INVENTION is the ability to bring imagination to life. To make it tangible, useable and beneficial. This, the final pillar of the ARTISTRY brand, touches on the invention of technologically advanced skin care products formulated with ingredients from around the world that bring unsurpassable beauty to life.

How do you represent the three pillars of your brand? Your belief in the discovery of each new day, each customer and business opportunity already sets you apart from the average person. But you have more. You are part of a much bigger picture. Your imagination is unique. Your imagination to be the best, to be an unstoppable success and to make a noticeable impact in the world of health and beauty is what I call ‘thinking outside of the box’. You do that.
Each ARTISTRY representative is the epitome of forward-thinking imagination. You move simultaneously with your brand to surpass all of the rest. By doing this, you become an inventor. One who brings imagination to life. You, the ARTISTRY representative, introduce prestige skin care products to your customers that are tangible, usable and beneficial. As an inventor, you bring to every ARTISTRY customer beautiful, healthy, youthful skin.

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