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Forward beauty


Michelle D'Allaird on anti-ageing with ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND.

A transformation ... a surge into forward beauty ... that’s what ARTISTRYTM YOUTH XTENDTM is all about! The technology, the ingredients and the clinical results speak for themselves: after just one week, the products show their excellent work. What more can I possibly say? Well, quite a bit. By now you know I'm usually not at a loss for words, and when it comes to the new ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND collection, I simply can't say enough!

Time for reprogramming

An anti-ageing skin care collection formulated to reprogramme the skin, to extend the life span of healthy youthful skin cells, while simultaneously repairing any cumulative damage. An amazing advancement in anti-ageing skin care. Although the comprehensive collection delivers measurable results through every step of the skin care regimen, ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND is also unique in that it contains the Power System and a "hero" product – two components that in and of themselves deliver clinically measurable results!

A hero for your skin

First, let's take a look at the hero product: the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Serum Concentrate. It's referred to as the hero because its superior anti-ageing properties stand alone. Optimal results are always best achieved with a complete system, but this powerful concentrate is so packed with the ingredient LifeSirt, that even as a supplemental product to any skin care regimen, noticeable anti-ageing results can be achieved. The Serum Concentrate alone has the highest concentration of the youth protein-producing ingredient to minimise fine lines and wrinkles and help maintain youthful skin.

An essential system

Secondly, the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Power System: a mini selection of products that together delivered the amazing clinical results achieved with ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND testing. This system includes the Serum Concentrate (of course!), the Enriching Eye Cream and Enriching Day Cream – and as a bonus, the Protecting Cream for daytime, to shield youthful, repaired skin cells from UV and free radical damage. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to call this collection a "Power System". Its components focus on:

  1. Highly concentrated treatment of fine lines and wrinkles – Serum Concentrate

  2. Nourishing and promoting healthy cell renewal – Enriching Cream for night time

  3. Targeting the most delicate area of the face that shows the signs of ageing before any other – Enriching Eye Cream

  4. ... all topped off with sun and antioxidant protection – Protecting Cream for daytime!

You can't go wrong with the components of the amazing ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND collection. This is anti-ageing at its finest – and most effective!

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