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Expert support for ARTISTRY


Expert speakers attend the European launch of ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum.

In autumn 2011, promotional events were held across Europe to launch the latest age-defying product from the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare range: Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum. Attending ABOs had the opportunity to gain critical insights from brand experts and scientists from the United States, either personally or via live video stream. It was a success. The rollout of ARTISTRY Intensive Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum has exceeded all expectations.


On 3rd September 2011, ABOs gathered for a red carpet affair to celebrate the introduction of ARTISTRY Intensive Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum at the UK London Flagship Store. Amway Europe was able to secure ARTISTRY Intensives, Luxury and essentials Subline Global Brand Manager Maggie Pepoy from Ada, Michigan, who attended the event via live video hook-up. Thanks to the video feed, Maggie was able to use her own face and hands to give a practical demonstration of where and how products should be applied.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia

Master skin health educator Michelle d’Allaird travelled to Europe in November 2011 to share her expertise with ABOs during 9 days of training. According to Michelle, “For great-looking skin, your customers must start early. If they are concerned about ageing, use it to your advantage. Stress how the right regime can maintain a youthful appearance"*. ABOs had the opportunity to ask specific questions and consult with Michelle personally. As one ABO said, “Now I understand how I can use the new Intensive Skincare products with my current ARTISTRY Time Defiance and ARTISTRY essentials skincare products.”

* in Amagram 5/2011, page 19

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