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What’s your scent?


There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right fragrance

What kind of personality do you have? What kind of fragrance would you normally choose to wear and why? The world of scents has expanded tremendously over recent decades, making it more difficult to find what’s right for you – we’re here to help you choose.

Don’t stop at one

Picking the right perfume does not have to stop at one signature scent though. There are so many factors involved in selecting the right one:

  1. your personal preferences – just bringing your nostrils in contact with a bottle of scent can be a deal maker – or breaker! We all have our individual chemical make-up too – even identical twins each have their own individual scents ! Always choose a scent you personally love and not what someone else recommends.

  2. your character – are you outgoing, introverted, confident, serious or fun? Or do you feel like your personality changes under different circumstances or in different social circles? If so, you should definitely treat yourself to more than one scent over time to reflect the chameleon in you!

  3. how you feel – if you’re tired, spraying on an uplifting, refreshing fragrance can do wonders in pepping up your day. If you’re feeling nervous, citrus and floral notes from ARTISTRY™ Flora Chic Eau de Parfum can help calm your senses. If your confidence needs a lift, something sensual – or even mysterious – can do just that. ANTICIPATE™ Intense could then be the right choice.

  4. the impression you want to exude: Do you want others to notice your sex appeal? An intense fragrance with notes that stir your passion can work magic! Do you want to enter the room with sheer elegance? A perfume with a blend of floral, subtle fruit and sea breeze notes like in ANCESTRY™ in Paris can help you feel like a chic Parisian woman.

  5. the occasions you attend – each can call for quite a different scent – an evening gala requires glamour, a first date calls for something light or romantic, and for a daytime picnic with the family, a fresh scent would work best.

  6. the time of year – even the seasons can affect your choice – the spicy fragrance you love in winter might not work on a hot summer’s day – maybe a fruity, citrus or floral scent would work better then.

Fragrances by Amway offers a full spectrum of Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes. A wonderful variety of blended notes including citrus, floral, woody, spicy, fruity and musk means there’s something for everyone, every occasion, time of day and time of year. Take a look, considering all the deciding factors that makes a scent one of your personal favourites – and help your customers pick theirs.

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