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Introducing gentle, natural body care

Personal Care

And test your memory with a new interactive matching game!

If everyone in the family could use the same body care products, wouldn’t it be practical? No more cluttered bathroom shelves, plus reduced household bills … your customers would love it!

That’s why we’ve relaunched the popular G&H™ body care brand, in its attractive yet eco-friendly new packaging. The mild formulas, containing high-quality botanical ingredients, are sulphate-free, biodegradable and pH-balanced, so they’re suitable for everyone in the family, aged three years and up. They’re good for him, for her and for the children – as well as for anyone with sensitive skin.

Just for fun, test your skills with the G&H matching game! Then read on about the new products.

G&H Matching Game

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Try to match the cards in as few steps as possible. After successful completion, the number of steps it took will appear. Not satisfied? You can play as many times as you want. When you click “Play again”, the cards will re-shuffle.

Natural ingredients and sustainable packaging

All the products in this new line feature exclusive blends of pure, natural ingredients, including delicate orange blossom honey, cooling aloe, green and white tea, and bilberry extract. And all of them – from practical soap bars, to body washes and creamy lotions – work beyond cleansing to improve your skin’s own precious moisture level. So as well as adding hydration to the surface, you’re actually helping to rebuild your skin’s own moisture barrier.

G&H packaging is also 100% recyclable to support environmentally conscious households, and it’s manufactured with 100% electricity from wind power.

To make it even easier for you to sell new G&H products, we’ve created three collections within the line, each distinguished by the use of different colours and icons depicting the blend of ingredients. So get to know the products – and enjoy the selling opportunities they bring!

G&H Nourish+

Orange blossom honey: nourishing moisture hydrates and softens skin
Shea butter: contains vitamins A, E and F to help rebuild skin’s moisture barrier
Pumpkin seed oil: helps protect skin against environmental damage



BODY SERIES G&H Body Shampoo

Order no. 100270

G&H NOURISH+ Body Wash

Order no. 118107

No equivalent product

G&H NOURISH+ Body Wash Refill

Order no. 118108


Order no. 100268

G&H NOURISH+ Body Lotion

Order no. 118102

BODY SERIES G&H Complexion Bar

Order no. 2181

G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar

Order no. 118112


Order no. 117522

G&H NOURISH+ Hand Cream

Order no. 118114

G&H Refresh+

Aloe: helps cool, hydrate and soothe skin
Grapeseed extract: helps protect and refresh skin
Green tea extract: helps protect skin against environmental damage, plus caffeine to help energise skin



BODY SERIES Refreshing Body Gel

Order no. 2162

G&H REFRESH+ Body Wash-Gel

Order no. 118110

BODY SERIES Hydrating Lotion

Order no. 2175

BODY SERIES ALLANO Hand and Body Lotion

Order no. 6863

G&H REFRESH+ Body Milk

Order no. 118104

BODY SERIES Refreshing Body Gel Refill

Order no. 2163

G&H REFRESH+ Body Wash-Gel Refill

Order no. 118111

G&H Protect+

Natural minerals: help protect and replenish skin
White tea: helps fortify skin and protect against environmental damage
Bilberry extract: helps repair existing environmental damage




Order no. 2170


Order no. 8272

G&H PROTECT+ Bar Soap 4 in 1

Order no. 118116

BODY SERIES Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap

Order no. 2171

G&H PROTECT+ Concentrated Hand Soap

Order no. 118117

BODY SERIES Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap Refill

Order no. 100100

G&H PROTECT+ Concentrated Hand Soap Refill

Order no. 118118

BODY SERIES Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Order no. 2178

G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Order no. 118120

BODY SERIES Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Spray

Order no. 2177

G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant Spray

Order no. 120438

BODY SERIES Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Stick

Order no. 100276

No equivalent product

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