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Personal Care

Make sure you are getting the most from your skincare products

The beauty business is an ever-changing industry that only continues to get more innovative. The hottest trends aren’t necessarily new products and ingredients, but special “tools” to make those products and ingredients more effective. Leave it to ARTISTRY™ to be at the cutting edge with its amazing ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device!

Galvanic current and vibrations have long been used in professional skincare. Only recently has this treatment taken off in the consumer market with booming popularity, due to its ability to enhance the cleansing process and amazing impact on the skin.

In today’s day and age, our skin is bombarded with environmental pollutants and cosmetic ingredients. As skincare ingredients have advanced, so have the ingredients in our daily cosmetics. Moisturisers now contain pigments for brightening and evening skin tone, and foundations and blushers provide long-lasting, all-day coverage. As great as all of these ingredients are, their ability to maintain superior coverage can make a thorough cleansing process more difficult.

The thing to remember is that the true benefits don’t come from the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device itself, they come from the products that it is paired with. This is where your superior ARTISTRY products become the true hero of beautiful skin.

Toners are recommended following most ARTISTRY cleansers. The purpose of these toners is to act as an essential “preparatory” step, providing the skin with additional ingredients and to ensure it benefits as much as possible from the products and moisturisers that follow. Think of it this way: imagine painting a wall that has multiple layers of old, built-up paint on it already. Would you expect your new layer of paint to be smooth, even and fresh looking? Or would it be best to scrape off all of those layers and start with a brand-new surface? Of course, the new surface is the way to go!

This is exactly what your toner and the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device will do for your skin – remove built-up dirt, makeup and dead skin cells leaving a fresh surface to build upon. It’s a simple deep cleanse that takes no time at all. Thoroughly cleanse the skin with your chosen ARTISTRY cleanser. Then remove the cleanser, apply the accompanying toner to your entire face and deep cleanse with the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device. And just like that, you have a perfect new canvas!

Superior skin does not stop there – the next step is to rebuild that base with key nutrients suited for your skin needs. This is when the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device takes our ARTISTRY hero products to an entirely new level. Each ARTISTRY serum is formulated with unique ingredients that deliver unbeatable results.

  1. ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE™ Advanced Skin Refinisher used with the “Radiant Mode” smoothes and resurfaces skin texture to minimise pores and polish the skin.

  2. ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum used with the “Lift Mode” instantly lifts and tightens the skin, creating a sculpted, youthful appearance.

  3. ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ Vital Skin Serum Concentrate used with the “Hydrate Mode” saturates the layers of the skin with deep hydration to plump and protect.

  4. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ Serum Concentrate turns back the hands of time. Used with the “Wrinkle Mode” this treatment minimises the signs of ageing and promotes a youthful appearance.

Each of these serums is a hero in its own way, but when you pair that hero with the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device, you get a true superhero!

The secret lies in the galvanic current. Professional aestheticians have known for years that the use of this current is one of the only ways to ensure deep product penetration. And now that secret lies in your hands, literally! You have what it takes to create the most youthful, healthy skin for yourself and your customers – superior ARTISTRY toners and serums, that now deliver maximum benefits when combined with the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device.

No other company can compare … trust me!

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