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Detoxing starts at home

Home & Living

A clean beginning for the new year

January is the perfect time to start New Year’s resolutions about leading healthier lifestyles. After the holiday party season winds down, we might be thinking about how to detox our lives and start fresh. Some of us make commitments to our health, like to run twice a week or reduce our sugar intake. Some of us want to detox our homes by donating or selling all the excess material goods that we no longer need.

One way we can further purify our homes whilst taking care of our health is by making sure we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Clean air and water sound like given basics, but you’d be surprised at how many indoor air pollutants we might be breathing and contaminants we might be drinking.

Better breathing

Indoor air pollution can come from within our homes, such as from household care products and gas emitted by synthetic materials. Or it can come from outside, such as pesticides or traffic fumes. “Natural” pollutants that can affect your allergies include pollen, mites, fungi and pet hair. In addition, tightly sealed buildings and poor ventilation can exacerbate breathing problems cause by indoor air pollution.

There are some simple things that you can do to improve air quality in the home. Here are our tips.

1. Keep floors clean. Household dust can contain chemicals and allergens, so keep the amount to a minimum. Large door mats at every entrance will reduce the amount of pollutants brought in from outside, whilst regular vacuuming and mopping will help deal with the dust which does get into your home.

2. Don’t let your home get too humid. Dust mites and mould need moisture, so make sure they don’t get enough! Dehumidifiers are one solution but simply making sure your kitchen and bathroom are well ventilated when cooking or bathing can also help. Oh, and don’t forget to get any leaky plumbing fixed.

3. Go green. Plants work as natural air purifiers and have been shown to reduce levels of formaldehyde in the home. As a bonus, plants increase your sense of peace and well-being. So get planting!

Pure drinking water

As important as the air we breathe is the water we drink. But even treated tap water can contain an alarming amount of “extras”. If living in an area with safe drinking water, the water that comes from the sink has typically been treated with chemicals to kill bacteria. Yet lead and bacteria from old pipes, if not properly maintained, can still contaminate your water. Your water supply can also contain traces of hormones or mercury.

Studies are still ongoing about what effect these contaminants have on long-term health. But why take the risk? The eSpring™ Water Treatment System can improve the clarity, taste and odour of you drinking water by purifying it. The carbon filter can effectively target more than 140 potential health risks, like pesticides and lead. The UV lamp also destroys more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Plus, purified drinking water just tastes better.

As you’re going through your post-holiday detox and cleaning up the party glitter, consider giving your air and water a detox, too.

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