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Summer favourites from Turkey

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Delicious summer cooking just got better thanks to our Turkish ABOs

Turkey is a fantastic place to be during the summer months. Its Mediterranean climate allows for an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, leading to recipes with a great deal of wonderful ingredients. And what better way to present these than through delicious recipes created by the locals who know them best?

We asked three of our ABOs to share their favourite recipes and iCook™ preparation tips. Be sure to take notes – you’ll want to make these dishes more than once!

Rulo Börek: Turkish roll pie

When Seval Karatay of Istanbul, Turkey, makes any dish, she aims to use her iCook 30 cm non-stick frying pan. A favourite that is particularly suited to this method is the Turkish savoury roll pie, known as Rulo Börek. Although traditionally made in the oven, Seval says she finds it easier and more economic to make her Börek in her iCook pan. And because the recipe requires a lot of slicing and dicing, she also loves to use her iCook 5-piece knife set.

As to summer? Because the Börek has a range of possible filling combinations, it can be adapted to make the most of seasonal ingredients. Ready to try the summer version? Once you give it a taste, you’ll want to try every last traditional Turkish recipe.

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

Tandir Kebab: Lamb tandoori

Although this recipe takes a long time (three hours) to cook, of our summer Turkish recipe selection it is the easiest one to make – all you need is time. Ayşe Alagöz, a 12% ABO from Istanbul, loves to make her lamb tandoori, or Tandir Kebab, in her iCook 8 L stock pot with lid. In terms of seasoning, Ayşe reveals there are several herbs and spices that you can use to flavour the meat. However her secret is to use a special two. “I use a small amount of dry thyme and cumin for my recipe,” she says.

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

Künefe: a cheese-based Turkish dessert

Yasemin Uzunpostalcı is another big fan of the iCook 30 cm non-stick frying pan. The Founders Platinum ABO and amazing cook from Konya, Turkey, loves to use this pan to make her special Turkish dessert, traditionally known as Künefe. Although the pastry may only be found in speciality stores, it’s definitely worth the search! The cheese-based dessert with a Middle Eastern origin has become a popular dish in many other countries for one very good reason – it’s delicious! Yasemin also shares, “If you don’t like cheese, you can use walnuts instead.”

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

In case you’re wondering, these delicious recipes don’t end here! We have plenty more summer Turkish recipes available.

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