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It’s time for a spring clean!

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The dawn of spring is synonymous with cleaning time. Identify your cleaning personality and make it your cleanest season ever

It’s that time again. Time to spruce up your house and give it a fresh look, smell and feel. As the flowers bloom, the birds start to chirp and the dust accumulates, so, too, is it time to give your home a solid spring clean. While it seems like a daunting task, our guide will make the process feel much more achievable and the results much more worthwhile.

Having a clean house has been shown to provide a wealth of benefits. Not only does keeping your home clean lower stress and fatigue, but it has also been shown to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, reduce risk of falls and fires, lessen the spread of germs and ward off pests. One study by Indiana University even showed that the cleaner a house, the more physical activity its owner is likely to engage in.

Which cleaning type are you?

There is no one-cleaning-style-fits-all approach, which means that by initially determining which cleaning type you are, you can make your spring clean more effective and more enjoyable. Luckily, however, there is a multitasking cleaning product that helps every cleaner whip their home into shape (more on that later). Since it’s the season to clean even the skirting boards, are you ready to dig into deep dark corners of your cleaning personality and have the cleanest spring season yet?

1. The Procrastinator

A common form of cleaner is the person who procrastinates and does every other possible task before finally facing the reality of the cleaning at hand.

Tip: While this may help you get many other (non-urgent) tasks done in the meantime, this isn’t the most effective use of your time. We recommend making it a more exciting task to lessen the foreboding – put on some music, entice a friend over with cookies or get your roommate or partner to help you and get it all done in a day. Then promptly reward yourself with said cookies!

2. The Minimalist

Hate clutter? Then you probably belong to this category. Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of excess and instead only focus on what is really important.

Tip: Determine if you really need something before buying it and consider having a buy-throw out rule – so if you buy something new, you have to throw something of similar size or purpose out. Throw things out before cleaning so it doesn’t distract you throughout the entire cleaning process.

3. The Marathon Cleaner

If you’re more of a long-distance cleaner and love the idea of undertaking all your cleaning tasks at the one time, this technique will be the most effective for you.

Tip: Try the 20/10 rule – engage in 20 minutes of solid cleaning time and then break it up with 10 minutes of tea-drinking, dog-walking or messaging with friends. This method ensures you don’t burn out at the halfway point but make it to the finish line of blissful cleanliness.

4. The Perfectionist

If you align with being a “neat freak” (think colour-coordinated closet and always making your bed and puffing up pillows before you leave the bedroom each morning), cleaning probably comes a little bit more naturally – if not obsessively – to you.

Tip: Ensure that everything has its own place and that everyone in the house knows this. Doing regular, daily cleans and bigger weekly cleans will also provide you with a healthier frame of mind. To ease the stress completely, grab yourself an all-in-one cleaner that can be used for every task and always be on hand, like the AMWAY HOME™ L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Household hero

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L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner was Amway’s first-ever and all-round top-selling product, with people all over the world having enjoyed the thorough and widespread benefits for over half a century. The versatile cleaner makes household-wide cleaning much more efficient and simpler. The BIOQUEST FORMULA™ powerfully removes, dirt, grime and soil build-up on all washable surfaces, while being gentle on skin – and all without harming the environment. What’s not to love about L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner?

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