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How to prevent dehydration

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From healthy snacks to eSpring filtration, here’s how you can always achieve your ideal daily intake of water!

Water makes up around two-thirds of the human body. To ensure we have enough of it to support all of our normal bodily functions, we need to drink plenty every day, regardless of the time of year. While many people associate dehydration with the sweltering heat of summer, it is still possible to get dehydrated when it’s cold outside. In fact, winter dehydration can be quite common, as we often don’t feel as thirsty and can easily forget to drink enough water.

After all, your body still loses moisture in cold weather, but you might not realise (or remember!) that you need to drink water to replenish fluids. Not to mention that wearing more layers, combined with the use of artificial heating, can easily lead to winter dehydration.

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The benefits of drinking plenty of water are manifold – and not just for your internal processes like digestion or building immunity. Water is also important to maintain healthy skin and eyes, better manage mood and energy levels, and even to help fight weight gain.

The World Health Organization recommends that adults should drink at least two litres of water per day to ensure our bodies remain sufficiently hydrated – and even more if we’re regularly active1. This isn’t always a simple task, so we’ve gathered a few tips to help you ensure you reach your daily intake of water. Rather than treating it as a chore, add some spice (quite literally) to your water and make it a fun and easy part of your day.

Increase your daily water intake

  1. Keep a water bottle at your side.
    It is not only environmentally friendly to go with reusable, rather than disposable, water bottles – it also acts as a constant reminder to keep those sips up throughout the day. Be sure to always have a water bottle nearby when exercising, to increase your intake and make up for the additional loss of water through sweat.

  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Water-based fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber and celery not only are healthy foods full of nutrients but also have high water content. Snack on these instead of a chocolate bar to up your intake of water.

  3. Add some flavour! Make drinking water more interesting by adding lemon, crushing some berries into your bottle or opting for sparkling water. Try to avoid sugary additives and instead go for natural ingredients that won’t lessen the benefits of your new-found drinking regime.

  4. Reward yourself. Set yourself daily goals of how much water to drink. When you reach them, treat yourself! Whether it’s with a walk away from the laptop or a sweet treat, your brain and body will appreciate the reward and continue this positively reinforced behaviour.

  5. Filter your water. Nothing discourages us more from staying hydrated than murky or bad-tasting water. When you filter your water with the eSpringTM Water Treatment System, you’ll be fuelling your body with clean, great-tasting water. In fact, eSpring removes 99.99% of waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses!

1 World Health Organization: Water Requirements, Impinging Factors, and Recommended Intakes

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