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A visible difference

Home Care

Celebrate the latest addition to our incredible laundry care range.

The launch of SA8TM Black Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for Dark Clothes in time for the festive season is perfect. That’s because this is the time when you're going to wear clothing in lovely, rich, dark colours: dark reds, deep blues and, of course, classic blacks and dark greys. The new liquid formula makes the fabric of your clothes feel luxuriously soft, and doesn’t leave any powdery, white residue. So no more spilled powder!

Keep dark clothes looking new for longer

Phil Sliva, Principle Research Scientist at AmwayTM, and his team have developed an advanced detergent technology that not only preserves the appearance of dark cottons – it can even improve the appearance of clothing that already shows damage from other detergents.

The breakthrough formulation uses cellulose, an enzyme that eliminates the tiny fibres that form on cotton fabrics during regular machine washing. “The enzyme breaks certain bonds in cotton molecules without damaging or weakening the fabric,” says Sliva. “This trims off the fluffy ‘pills’ that form on cotton fabrics and make them look fuzzy and dull.”

New concentrated liquid formula

SA8 Black features the BIOQUEST FORMULATM to protect your family and the environment: it’s dermatalogically tested, as well as being biodegradable. Plus, it’s concentrated, so you’ll use less in each wash: each powerful drop of the product enhances the colour of your clothes in a cost-efficient way. Just 1 litre lasts for up to 33 washes!

Learn more about this fantastic product and its great results on Amway online UK or Amway online ROI !

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