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Pin up our cleaning guide to make fast work of a clean home!

Home Care

Short on time? We show you how to keep your home tidy and clean with minimal fuss, effort and products. Download, print out and pin up our visual reminder on fast tasks for your daily routine.

Healthy habits are great. Think of weekly facials, going to the gym or eating an apple a day! The more you feel the benefits, the easier it is to make them part of your normal routine.

Would you believe that the same can happen with cleaning?

If you get into the habit of cleaning a little every day, you won’t need to spend huge chunks of your day – or week - with a mop, brush or sponge in your hands. The key is to break down cleaning into a few essential individual tasks. We show you what’s possible, whether you have only one minute to spare – or 30.

  • Under 180 seconds is all you need to make the bed!
  • Just 5 minutes to clean the toilet!
  • Only 15 minutes to mop your floors!
  • Take 30 minutes to tackle the windows!

Under 3 minutes

Sixty to 180 seconds is all you need to make a bed, clean a sink or do some dusting! Change your mindset: instead of thinking you have to tackle your whole home, or even one whole room, just pick an area. If you have your supplies at hand, for example the L.O.C.™ Kitchen Cleaner under the sink and the L.O.C. Bathroom Cleaner in the bathroom cupboard, you’ll make fast work of the task in hand.

5 minutes

Five minutes is all it takes to load or empty the dishwasher, vacuum the sofa or tidy up the bedside table or other small piece of furniture. What other tasks can you deal with in five? Time yourself!

The worst five-minute job of all is made more pleasant with the powerful TOILET BOWL Cleaner. Once applied, allow 30 minutes for it to do all the hard work and then spend a few easy minutes doing the rest. What could be bad about that?

15 minutes

Up earlier than usual one morning? Use the extra time to bring a sparkle to your shower or bath with the L.O.C. Soft Cleanser. Finished dinner? Ready to sit down to watch your favourite soap or series? Add just another 15 minutes to cleaning up afterwards and use the time to mop the floor. The L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for the job. You can also use this time to vacuum the carpets in one or two rooms.

When’s the last time you gave your saucepans a proper shine, instead of popping them in the dishwasher? The results are far better with the L.O.C. Metal Cleaner. Restore them to their full glory!

30 minutes

Even the bigger tasks can be broken down. Set aside a regular 30 minutes for the jobs that you’d love to ignore.

Who says that you need to wash all your windows on the same day? Clean as many windows as you can in one half-hour and finish the rest another day. For streak-free, squeaky-clean windows, L.O.C. Glass Cleaner is your go-to solution. And grandma’s newspaper tip is a good one – if the ink doesn’t smudge. Paper towels, on the other hand, are not. Bits of lint, as well as streaks, will spoil your view!

A clean oven makes all the difference. Regularly cleaning your oven makes an even bigger one – it’s far less time-consuming long-term. Apply the AMWAYTM Gel Oven Cleaner according to the easy-to-follow instructions. Wait 30 minutes, then rinse. While you’re waiting, take care of one of the faster tasks above. Get used to using your time strategically. (You could hone your sales skills while you wait. The choice is yours.)

Keeping clean, keeping sane

So, there’s your proof. Housework doesn’t need to be a hassle, take up too much time or use too many products. While it’s true that there is always something that we could clean, if you take control over your chores, you can save yourself a lot of time – time that you could spend with your family or friends.

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