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Shiny new start

Home Care

Shake the past season out of your home with the whole family

Most of us no longer have to get rid of coal dust from our homes after winter, thanks to central heating. The now taken-for-granted household appliances, like washing machines and vacuum cleaners, spare us much of the heavier work involved with cleansing our homes. So, why not get the whole family involved in some light cleaning activities – and employ a few reliable AMWAY HOME™ helpers!

Let teenagers spray L.O.C.™ Glass Cleaner not only on windows, but any mirrors, televisions, computers and other glass screens. Once polished, you can all enjoy a better view, without fingerprints, and a sparkling shine.

Adults in the home can freshen up kitchen appliances and all other sealed, washable surfaces. Dilute a dose of the L.O.C. Kitchen Cleaner and wipe away mild stains or light grease. Use it neat if you need to get tougher!

Everyone in the family can do their bit in the bathroom. Using cloths soaked in diluted L.O.C. Bathroom Cleaner, littler ones can wipe lower tiles and taller siblings can work on higher sections and shelves. Meanwhile, you can clean the sink, shower or bath with a squirt of the same detergent.

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Get everyone helping out in gathering laundry-bound home textiles. Pull off bedding, including mattress protectors, remove cushion covers, unhook curtains and whip off the table cloth. Dump them all in your washing basket and get your washing machine to work with the help of SA8™ Liquid – or SA8 Delicate for fragile fabrics.

Now exchange high-fives – well done to all!

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