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An improved favourite

Home Care

One of the stalwarts of the SA8 brand of laundry products has had a makeover.

As the seasons change, the colours in nature change too. The gorgeous greens of spring, the deep, rusty reds of autumn - whichever season it is, the beauty of the natural world around us is breathtaking. And many people change the colours they wear as the season changes, reflecting, maybe even subconsciously, the beauty of the landscape.

If you want to protect the colours of your clothes, AMWAY HOMETM SA8TM Color Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent is the right one to choose. Now, more than ever - because this great product has been reformulated, and will relaunch this season.

What's new?

The newly reformulated SA8 Color features a new, more efficient color care polymer and rebalanced base, which preserves vivid colours, so clothes look newer longer, and brights stay brighter. The fragrance hasn't changed; it's the same fresh fragrance as before. You can easily spot the improved SA8 Color because its packaging features a 'new' icon. What's more, a descriptive carton top has been added, so you'll find it more easily when you're searching for it in your laundry storage area.

Demos are great for making the benefits of products visible – and therefore more believable – for your customers. Our reformulated SA8 has many associated demos, even a new WOW-demo:

  1. New WOW-demo: The SA8 Color 'Exploding Cyrstals' demo shows how the product dissolves very fast even in cold water as it literally ‘explodes’ off a spoon when placed in cool water leaving no residues or lumps. Try finding a competing product that performs like this!

  2. Improved: The ‘Clarity’ Demo benefits from the improved SA8 Color formula, as it dissolves even faster and clearer while many competing powders disperse into a cloudy suspension. Where do you suppose these undissolved particles end up?

  3. Retained: ‘Color Protection’ Demo and ‘Washcloth Residue’ Demo

Now, ABOs and their customers can look forward to trying out the improvements we've made to this hardworking product. In the meantime, you and your customers can be impressed by its perfomance in the demos – check these out at www.amwaymedia.eu

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