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Pure and transparent

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How to make sure your drinking water is as clean as it looks.

Water should be one of the purest things we consume. It’s simple, it’s transparent, and it’s good for us. But is it always?

Potential water contaminents

There are lots of reasons why our drinking water may not be as pure as it should be. Industrial pollution and inefficient waste disposal are mainly responsible, but water can also get contaminated by pollution in the air.

Water is not always as transparent as we think, and long-term exposure to polluted water can cause severe health problems, particularly in developing countries.

Protection you can trust

It’s all about our peace of mind. We need to know that the water we drink – and that our children drink – is safe. Fortunately, in most European countries at least, our tap water is safe, but it’s often so heavily chlorinated that it tastes unpleasant.

Amway’s solution is a water filter that improves the taste, odour and clarity of our drinking water. The eSpringTM Water Treatment System destroys 99.99% of the waterborne disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water, and can reduce over 160 contaminants including over 145 potential health effect contaminants. That’s a huge benefit. Plus, that nasty chlorine flavour and odour is removed.

And it has great sales potential for you! If you add up the amount of money you spend over the year on buying bottled water, you’ll see that the water treatment system costs much less. It’s a great investment.

And now you can buy the additional Extended Warranty, which adds 3 years to the Amway manufacturer warranty (please note the new order numbers!), so you and your customers can enjoy peace of mind for even longer.

For more information, please visit Amway Online for our business and legal information after login.

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