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The benefits of eating seasonally.

The idea of eating seasonally is not as new as you might expect: both nutritionists and chefs have been preaching the benefits of it for years. With summer fast approaching, you’ll find that a huge selection of fruit and vegetables will come into season with it – traipse down to your local farmers’ market and the variety of colours on display will prove as much.

So, why should you go seasonal? Here are some of the benefits.

Save and think of the environment

When these foods come into season, there will be a huge abundance of them wherever you seek them out. You’ll notice that prices will go down significantly – it costs less to transport them when they’re grown locally, plus shops will sell them according to their shelf life, which isn’t always very long for ripe produce. Furthermore when you buy local food you reduce the impact on the environment... and the local community economy benefits from it!

Variety in the summer

It’s summer and with fruit and vegetables found in abundance, now is the best season to add seasonal and fresh food to your diet. With such a variety available, there is a myriad of ways you can liven up any meal. You may also consider complementing your daily diet with products from bodykey by NUTRILITETM and look forward to soups, shakes, snack bars that will keep your diet on track without boring you.

For a tasty, healthy diet

It’s no mystery that fruit and vegetables are at their best when eaten seasonally: it’s when they’re at their peak both in terms of taste and nutrition. Easily add them to the cooking process by using the iCookTM 5-Piece Knife Set. These knives are designed for great control and stability, which comes in handy if you’re trying to get the better of a tough artichoke, or a challenging pineapple! The set comes complete with a storage tray for protection and allows you to easily identify each knife.

The set includes the iCook Petty Knife, which has a 5-inch blade that’s best for boning meats, trimming fat and cutting fruit. There is also the iCook Paring Knife for peeling fruit and vegetables, a daily helper in the kitchen.

If you’re short on ideas for ways to include these foods in your diet, the
My bodykey Online Coach
is there to help. Through this portal, you’ll discover a wide range of delicious recipes to follow, as well as advice and tips on how to keep eating healthily – and seasonally, too.

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