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Keep well-hydrated in higher temperatures

To keep fit in summer, we tend to swap indoor treadmills and exercise bikes for walks or cycles through nature to enjoy the warmer weather. Hot and humid weather, however, can make even the younger members of our family feel uncomfortably flushed. This feeling is magnified when we move.

What makes us sweat?

Forbes magazine explains: “As the weather heats up, your body starts to sweat to regulate its temperature. In all, you have 2.6 million sweat glands working to keep you cool by releasing fluids through your pores. The key is constantly replenishing this fluid loss.”

What is hydration so important?

Health insurance company Bupa in the UK summarises: “You can’t survive without water. It makes up nearly two-thirds of your body and is essential for you to function properly. Water has a wide range of benefits for your body – everything from removing waste products in urine to lubricating your joints. It can even make your skin look good.”

Signs of dehydration include:

  1. frequent headaches, feeling light-headed or confused

  2. muscle cramps

  3. frequent constipation

  4. not needing to urinate very often, or urine is yellow or darker

  5. skin feeling dry or tight

How much and what?

We should consume about 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid a day and emphasise that the best source of all is water, according to Bupa.

Forbes tells us to “think of hydration as a lifestyle change. Take a full water bottle with you everywhere” and “start and end each day with a glass of water.”

Yet the quality of the water we drink is equally as important. Contaminants ranging from mercury to traces of pesticides can seep into tap water. The best assurance for families is to filter this H2O with effective technology. Take advantage of our current discount on eSpring™ – and encourage customers to do the same.

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