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Fire up your sales

Home Tech

Host an outdoor barbecue with iCook and eSpring and increase summer sales.

Amway has three new branded merchandising items just in time for summer: the iCook™ Apron, iCook Oven Gloves and eSpring™ Water Bottle.
Imagine the attention you will get when you sport the iCook-branded Apron and Oven Gloves at your next barbecue. Barbecue chefs will love the look and feel of these 100% cotton, machine-washable must-haves: with a black background and lime-green details, they are elegant yet cheerful. And they are as practical for preparing your feast as they are a feast for the eyes. You might also consider serving eSpring treated water in the new eSpring Water Bottle. Made of BPA-free plastic, it's safe for use outside. No danger of broken glass!

Why merchandising?

ABOs should use every opportunity to spread the good news about Amway and the Amway Business Opportunity. And branded merchandise is an excellent sales tool. It has been shown that customers who receive promotional products tend to reorder more quickly – and more frequently – than those who do not. That’s because branded materials provide a tangible and durable reminder of your company and your products. Not only do they help raise customer awareness, they keep reinforcing the message long after you have finished your demonstration and gone home.

Why giveaways?

Customers who receive promotional products as gifts are more likely to refer you to friends and colleagues than those who do not. And, according to the Promotional Products Association International, giving away a promotional product can increase callbacks by as much as 50 percent. Another advantage of promotional products is that you can measure their impact. Since you know who you gave them to, it is easy to gauge the return on your investment.

Cross sell

Once they have a customer’s attention, a savvy ABO will be sure to recommend related or complementary products. And what better opportunity to offer AMWAY HOME™ products than at a barbecue? Cooking outside is fun, but grills need to be cleaned afterwards – and so do greasy dishes. So take advantage of a barbecue party to use it as a door opener for AMWAY Gel Oven Cleaner and DISH DROPS™ Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid. And afterwards, you can use Gel Oven Cleaner to clean up the barbecue, and let DISH DROPS take care of the rest. You'll only need one bottle - it's enough to wash more than 30,000 plates!

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