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Taming the winter blues

Home Tech

Read on to find out how iCook Cookware can brighten up the winter months.

It`s cold and dark outside. The festivities of December are over and for many it feels like spring will never come. You`ve rung in the New Year. Now what? Take advantage of this less stressful time and get together with family and friends. One idea: invite everyone over to cook up a trip to a warmer climate.

Start out right

All you need are the right ingredients, helpful guests and a selection of iCook Cookware. Ergonomically designed, iCook is the intelligent way to cook. The VITALOK Cooking Method enhanced by the exclusive OPTITEMP slab base (non-stick pans only) saves money and time, while supporting healthy nutrition.

Saves time

The VITALOK Cooking Method helps create a vapour seal between the lid and pan that helps shorten cooking times. Please note: Lifting the lid will break the water seal, lengthening the cooking time considerably.

Saves money

The VITALOK water seal and last-a-lifetime 3-ply construction doesn`t use as much energy and water as less sophisticated pots and pans. And that translates into savings. You might also want to try out the iCook Stack Cooking Method. With the improved heat distribution and conductivity of the OPTITEMP cooking base, you can cook an entire meal on just one burner.

Supports healthy nutrition

Because the VITALOK Cooking Method uses less water, meats, fruits and vegetables baste in their own natural juices, locking in flavour and nutrients. Using too much liquid will draw off vitamins and minerals from food, leaving them in the water. Meals cooked using iCook Cookware look good (less colour loss), taste delicious and contain up to 30% more nutrients than when they are cooked with regular cookware.

Some iCook Stainless Cookware and iCook Non-Stick Cookware products

Order no. 101098: iCook Family Prestige Set (27 piece) contains the Starter, Basic and Advanced Sets

Order no. 101083: iCook 6-Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set contains three Non-Stick Pans and three Tempered Glass Lids

For more information on iCook Cookware range, please visit the Brand center . And, to watch iCook Demonstration videos, go to the Amway Media movie library .

For an optimal cleaning of our iCook product range, we recommend to use our DISH DROPS™ Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid products.

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