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Pure and simple business tools

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Gain more business with the NUTRILITE redesigned labels and flyer

Do you know which food supplements to offer your customers? And how to explain the advantages of NUTRILITE™ products? To help start conversations and educate customers about the benefits of the brand, make sure you take a look at our new tools. The brand’s portfolio also had a makeover recently: now the products have an attractive new look that makes it easier to define each supplement’s nutritional benefits.

Clearer labels

With the refreshed NUTRILITE packaging, finding the right supplement is so much simpler. If you’re taking multiple supplements, it can be confusing at times to remember what to take, when and why. The clearer label makes all the difference. Now, the clearer product labels have different icons that correspond to different nutritional requirements, making each product’s benefits easier to understand and stick in your memory.

Move the slider to see the Before and After of our packaging design!

Simple icons

The icons fall under various categories, and the products are categorised based on needs or gender.

1. Foundational food supplements designed to address general everyday needs

2. Targeted food supplements dedicated to help address specific issues caused by lifestyle or dietary habits and which help support your:

  1. Immune system

  2. Cell protection

  3. Heart

  4. Bones

  5. Energy

3. Supplements dedicated to:

  1. Women

  2. Men

  3. Family

4. Weight loss and weight management supplements

5. Beauty from within

So, for instance, the Cal Mag D bottle now shows a bones icon, Omega-3 shows a heart and Vitamin C Plus shows a shield to indicate immune defence. Each product’s ingredients are also more clearly indicated with brighter, bolder images.

And an educational flyer

In addition, the NUTRILITE Flyer is an educational and easy-to-read leaflet. This useful sales tool helps you to answer frequently asked questions when discussing how supplements work, such as: Why take supplements? What are phytonutrients? Why choose NUTRILITE? It is also something that you can leave behind with customers so that they can identify any additional needs. Available for sale in packs of 10, this colourful flyer can back up your product knowledge as you explain the importance of vitamins and other food supplements.

On the back of the flyer, you’ll find a useful checklist. Encourage your customer to mark the benefits they’re most interested in and then find the corresponding supplement.

Regardless of age or lifestyle, there’s something for everyone. The redesign should help your customers feel informed and recognise what their supplement does, with just a quick glance at the bottle. Clearer and more aesthetic product labels are a win for consumers and a win for your business. Start using these new NUTRILITE tools today!

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