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Protein power

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Choose between two dedicated sources of this essential nutrient.

A third of our foundational trio is protein, the building blocks for our wellbeing. Protein supports our muscles, and is therefore key to our bodily strength. In addition, our hair, nails, skin tissue and even our eyes require protein for their normal growth and function.

How much do we need?

To keep our body nourished with this key nutrient, adults should consume 0.83 g per kg of body weight every day. Children and teenagers should consume between 0.83 g and 1.31 g per kg of weight per day to support their growth and development, depending on their age.


NUTRILITETM All Plant Protein powder is vegetarian and lactose-free, containing natural plant-based ingredients, including peas, soy and wheat proteins. Kids as young as three can enjoy this versatile protein powder. You can mix it into shakes or smoothies for the whole family, or sprinkle it on cereals or in soups to support the growth and maintenance of everyone’s body, both young and older. The slow release of protein into the body helps those with active lives to keep up their stamina throughout the day.

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We can boost our daily diets with protein from a variety of foods. Animal-based proteins include eggs, meat and fish. Plant-based proteins include legumes, soy and nuts. Vegetarians and vegans, who consume only the latter category, sometimes struggle to introduce enough protein into their meals. A supplement protein powder can help.

Sporting hero

XSTM Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder is a hero product for fitness enthusiasts. Consuming this delicious Cocoa Chocolate flavour powder as a shake within an hour after your workout provides an instant source of protein – a 29 g serving helps fuel lean muscle growth. We can rebound faster after a fitness session, as the hydrolyzed formula can be digested quickly, meaning muscles recover more rapidly.
The exclusive antioxidant blend combines a Red Orange Complex with vitamins C and E, which help reduce post-workout oxidative stress. Furthermore, five key electrolytes support muscle recovery and function and ease the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Sustain your levels of this important nutrient with the protein powder which best suits your lifestyle.

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