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Nutrient power

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Good nutrition is key to mental and physical wellbeing. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?

It’s January, it’s dark, it’s cold – and your body might benefit from some help to keep you feeling energetic and optimistic. At this time of year, it’s even more important than ever to maintain a balanced and varied diet.

Precious phytonutrients

What you eat is crucial for mental as well as physical wellbeing today or for the years to come.

We all know that if possible we should have a varied diet that includes fruit and vegetables, protein, cereals, dairy products, oils and fats. But did you know that it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables from all five colour groups? That’s because different plants contain different vitamins and minerals – and we need them all, as well as precious phytonutrients.

400g of fruit and vegetables every day

If you’re aware that you might not be eating enough fruit and vegetables, or not from all the colour groups, then it’s time to discover the newly reformulated NUTRILITETM DOUBLE XTM multivitamin multimineral food supplement.

Enriched with PhytoBlendTM, a special blend of 22 plants and phytonutrients, NUTRILITE DOUBLE X provides botanicals from all five colour groups – green, white, yellow, red and purple – each delivering valuable nutrients. This can help close the phytonutrient gap when fewer than five portions of fruit and vegetables can be consumed on a daily basis. In addition, it contains 12 essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals.

It’s so easy: just take three tablets twice a day with a meal.

Prime product quality

All our plant ingredients come from sustainable NUTRILITE TM or NutriCert TM farms, where sustainable farming methods have been followed for over 80 years.

All plant ingredients follow the quality standards consistent with NUTRILITE values. Our sustainable farming methods include crop rotation and natural composting that returns nutrients to the soil. We prohibit the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, and we use natural methods to control weeds, insects and predators. Sustainable farming is more expensive than conventional farming but we believe it’s worth it, with multiple benefits for our product, the environment, and the people that work with us.

More phytopower than ever

Why is the new NUTRILITE DOUBLE X even better than before? Tell your customers:

  1. The balanced nutrient profile is based on the latest scientific findings

  2. Wider phytonutrient spectrum with more botanical extracts and strengthened phytopower

  3. New smaller size makes them easy to swallow and they’re gentle on the stomach

  4. Improved taste and smell

  5. Stored in an easy-to-open modern tray

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