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A good foundation for the new year

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Look after yourself and your loved ones with an immunity boost

In the same way that athletes must master foundational skills before moving on to the expert tricks, or that foundation is always the first makeup step, so too are the foundational vitamins and minerals key for supporting your overall health to help fight infections.

With the change of season and the busy period that comes with the new year, it’s important to ensure your body has all of these nutrients to build a solid layer of defence. What better way to give your immunity a boost than with vitamin C and a combination of vitamins and minerals? Let 2020 be the year of no annoying colds or flu!

Reduce your chances of catching a cold with healthy-living strategies

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the first line of defence against infection. Every part of your body, including your immune system, is bolstered by strategies for healthy living. Some of the most important include getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, minimising stress, not smoking, washing your hands frequently, drinking plenty of water, getting some sun and maintaining a healthy weight.

One of the more elusive recommendations is to eat a diet that’s high in fruit and vegetables. The seasonal nature of fresh produce makes maintaining a balanced diet across the year sometimes challenging. Moreover, if you aren’t able to cook and eat different fruits and vegetables at every meal, it can become difficult to achieve enough variety in your daily diet. Ensuring you get your full intake of vitamins and minerals for proper bodily function can therefore seem like an impossible task.

Give your body the right immunity foundation

Taking a daily multi-vitamin and other supplements enables you to cover the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Amway’s Foundational Trio Bundle, with either NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™ multi-vitamins or NUTRILITE Daily, will help ensure your body receives important foundational nutrients, such as micronutrients, macronutrients and phytonutrients, around the clock. NUTRILITE DOUBLE X provides your body with a balanced combination of 12 essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals and is enriched with a special blend of 22 plants derived from fruits, vegetables and herbs that aren’t always easy to include in your diet. If your diet slips in the busy new-year period, taking this trio regularly can help keep you in top form.

NUTRILITE Daily contains all the vitamins you know you need, as well as important minerals you may never have heard of, to help keep you fit, regardless of the season. The important fatty acids contained in NUTRILITE Omega-3 Complex can help close any gaps that may be missing from your diet: one capsule provides approximately the same amount as 28 g of salmon, tuna or sardines. NUTRILITE All Plant Protein contains all 9 essential amino acids, which can’t be produced by the body and must therefore come from an outside source. This is a healthy, high-quality alternative to traditional sources of protein such as red meats, cheese, eggs and milk.

See the effects of extra vitamin C

To build an extra defence mechanism against colds and flu in 2020, NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus provides a slow, steady release of vitamin C to maximise absorption. This naturally sourced vitamin C contributes to normal protection of the immune system and helps defend cells from oxidative stress. Additionally, if your kids don’t like the taste or texture, they can opt for NUTRILITE Chewable C. It has a tasty cherry flavour to make their bodies and taste buds as happy as can be!

If you would like to know more about NUTRILITE Foundational Trio, be sure to check out the video !

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