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Let’s shine even brighter

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Protect your skin against oxidative stress throughout the day with TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty

Life is never dull – just the opposite in fact with family, work, social life, sport, hobbies – our packed days and full calendars mean we often burn the candle at both ends. We’re up early each morning and our heads hit the pillow late at night as we catch up on tasks once we get home or the kids are in bed.

Besides an on-the-go lifestyle, living in urban centres means that just opening a window forces us to inhale pollution from vehicle emissions, airborne industrial residues and fine dust particles. Add to that the lure, still, for many of smoking tobacco or consuming foods or drinks containing empty calories – out of habit or by grabbing what’s available as an instant energy source – and the result later is often a dull-looking complexion and a sluggish feeling. And we all want to feel good and look as radiant and youthful as possible – by shining outwards from within!

Premium plant power

The team at TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™ strongly believe that beauty starts on the inside. They, therefore, took all these factors into consideration while formulating a whole new line of nutricosmetics for you. Introducing: TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty™ Beauty Supplement and TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty Drink!

Just like the first line of TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE, TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty supports your beauty from the inside out with ingredients that contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress and is a seamless collaboration of premium brands ARTISTRY™ skincare and NUTRILITE™ food supplements. The OxiBeauty formula, however, goes one step further.

The Beauty Supplement contains copper and the special PhytoVibrant™ Complex comprising beneficial botanicals Aronia berry and sage. The Drink is packed with a blend of vitamin E and PhytoBeauty™ Complex with chamomile and blackcurrant. Both sage and chamomile contain naturally occurring antioxidants that help protect your cells from oxidation, while Aronia helps protect cells from potential free-radical damage. These specially formulated products, along with a balanced diet, can help support you against potential negative effects of environmental aggressors, stressful phases and lifestyle choices that, over time, are manifested through our skin.

High-quality botanical ingredients, including the Aronia berry, are blended into the effective TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty formula

Beauty-supporting botanicals

The TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty botanical ingredients are grown on farms that are certified as sustainable, just like those in regular NUTRILITE food supplements. This means the whole process for growing and harvesting these valuable ingredients, from seed to supplement, is monitored to ensure it adheres to strict sustainable practices. The formulas contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. This is the top quality and safety standard that customers for both ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE have come to expect from the products they use, apply or consume – and what you deserve!

Despite the long, dedicated process for producing such premium products, both formats of TRUVIVITY OxiBeauty are super-quick and easy for you to take on the go. A small sachet of the Drink can simply be mixed with water, and a Supplement tablet can easily be swallowed with a cold drink – wherever you are, so they’re perfect for fitting into any hectic schedule, as well as your handbag.

Enhance your natural glow and let your inner beauty shine throughout the day!

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