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Support your immunity in winter

Nutrition & Wellbeing

What you need to know to support your immune system and feel positive and energised until spring

There’s an almost magical feeling in the air as the seasons shift from summer into autumn. When leaves begin to fall from trees, the temperature drops and the air feels crisper and clearer. And, with the arrival of autumn comes an opportunity to wrap up in cosy clothes and create comforting evenings at home. However, as much as we enjoy a comfy night in, there’s no denying that the shorter, darker days of winter can have an impact on both our mental and physical health. So, plan ahead and create a routine and supplement regimen that will help support your immune system when it needs it most. Here’s what you need to know…

Get out more

It’s easy to avoid spending time outside during the cooler months, but being outdoors, even for a short amount of time, has some proven benefits. For example, it has been shown to boost mood and energy, and help support our immune system to aid in the maintenance of overall physical health. A study1 published by Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine found that spending time outdoors, in nature, can have a beneficial effect on health. Specifically, it discovered that during and after time spent outdoors, the body produced more of a particular cell that targets harmful virus-infected cells. But that’s not all – it also found that time outside helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and even boosts short-term memory2. So, why not rug up, get outside and take a quick walk on your lunch break?

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Take the sunshine vitamin

Ensuring that you’re getting sufficient levels of vitamin D, particularly during winter months – and especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere – is crucial for many reasons. For example, vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of bones and supports a well-functioning immune system. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is prevalent, affecting 40.4% of the European population, irrespective of age, ethnicity or latitude3. Signs that you could be deficient include fatigue, muscle pain and a low mood.

Your skin primarily produces vitamin D when it comes into contact with UV light so, unlike other vitamins, your vitamin D quota cannot be easily met through diet alone. Thankfully, taking one NUTRILITE Vitamin D tablet every day covers your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin. Derived from natural sources, NUTRILITE Vitamin D helps contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system and helps maintain normal muscle function.

Support your immunity

Your immune system needs all the support it can get during the darker months. Eating a varied diet of colourful fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats, fish and dairy, can help support your immunity, but bolstering your diet with excellent-quality supplements will also help.

Vitamin C and several B vitamins are renowned for assisting your immune system. And, fortunately, NUTRILITE has the perfect products to help you this winter. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus – the vitamin C contained within plays a role in the normal functioning of the immune system with antioxidant support, while also contributing to collagen formation in the skin. It has also been designed to provide a slow release of vitamin C into the body, to maximise its absorption.

  2. NUTRILITE Vitamin B Plus Dual-Action – this product hero provides 100% NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) of all eight essential B vitamins. It ensures optimal nutrient release of each B vitamin by using NUTRILITE’s dual-action technology. The benefit for you is an extended-release, which provides six B vitamins for a full eight hours, so you feel in charge all day!

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