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Lunchbox inspiration you didn’t know you needed

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Want to ensure your kids enjoy eating the contents of their school lunchboxes? Try packing their lunches in these novel ways.

Your child is home from school, you unpack their backpack while they chat about their day, but as soon as you get to their lunchbox, the room turns silent, and your kid has magically disappeared. You open their lunchbox and what do you find? Their lunch you prepared, only partially eaten. Whether you feel frustrated, disappointed or a combination of both, you know something needs to be done to ensure your kids eat healthy food.

Fortunately, we have some fun and creative ideas to make sure your kids not only eat but also enjoy every bit of their healthy lunch. All it takes is a bento lunchbox, a range of fresh ingredients, and a special imaginative theme. Here are five creative ways to put your kid’s lunchbox together. Which will be their favourite?

1. Raawr!

What’s more fun than eating a volcano, asteroids, wholesome trees, a dinosaur egg and a dino sandwich? Your kids will love the colour, shapes and flavours of this roaring dino-themed lunchbox. Here’s how to prepare each of the components:

Erupting volcano: place quartered oranges into the shape of a volcano and use raspberries as the flowing lava.
Asteroid rocks: easy, all you need is a small handful of mixed nuts.
Trees: steam some broccoli florets that best resemble trees. Do this the night before when preparing dinner. And for a bit more flavour, try squeezing a bit of lemon juice on them.
Dinosaur egg: boil an egg and once it’s cold, scribble on some dots with any coloured marker pen.
Dino sandwich: with a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter, cut out some dinosaurs in wholewheat bread then layer some salami, cheese, lettuce or any other fresh ingredients to create some sandwiches.

2. Under Construction

Beep, beep, beep. Watch out, there’s construction going on here! There’s rubble, cement, shovels, cement mixes and bricks everywhere. Here are the ingredients that best resemble each of these elements:

Rubble: a small handful of fresh blueberries or even some mixed nuts for rubble-like noise.
Cement: delicious smooth peanut butter. Kids will have a great time swirling it around.
Cement mixers: mix the cement with super crunchy celery sticks.
Shovels: shovel out that peanut butter cement with sweet apple slices.
Building bricks: build a de-constructed sandwich with blocks instead of regular sandwich slices. Using a wooden skewer, line up cubed wholewheat bread, ham, cherry tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella balls and yellow capsicum. Your kids will love pulling this apart.

3. ABC

This colourful combination of letters is super easy to prepare. Try using the letters from your child’s name – they’ll love spending time spelling it out and then eating it up. Here’s how you can prepare them:

A for apple: fresh apple slices or dried apple chips.
B for banana: a whole banana or dried banana chips.
C for carrot: fresh, crunchy carrot slices.
Alphabet mix: fun alphabet-themed sweet biscuits for a sweet treat or pretzels for a savoury one.
Alphabet sandwich: cut out a letter from the top layer of a sandwich to reveal the bright coloured ingredient below. Cheese, avocado or beetroot cream cheese are great options.

4. Underwater world

There’s a whole world of fun, colourful creatures that live underwater, so use them to your advantage. There are coral and starfish, algae, crystal blue ocean water, little fish and huge fish! Here’s how you can re-create them in a lunchbox:

Algae: a bunch of tasty, sweet green grapes.
Starfish and coral: cut cucumber slices into stars to look like squishy starfishes and slice up some red, crispy capsicum to imitate coral.
Ocean: add blueberries to a small portion of Greek yoghurt to resemble the ocean.
Little fish: fish-shaped salty biscuits.
Huge fish: With a fish-shaped cookie cutter, cut wholewheat bread into fish shapes then layer ham, cheese and lettuce or any other fresh ingredients to create sandwiches your kids will love.

5. Ninja

Let your little ninja’s imagination run wild with throwing stars, swords, magic elixir, blades and ninja wraps. But not to worry, no harm will be done, only well-fed bellies! Here’s how to re-create these fun ninja gadgets:

Throwing stars: cut watermelon, pineapple and kiwi slices into stars.
Swords: carrot sticks – see if you can even make a handle to resemble a real mini sword.
Magic elixir: tasty hummus that goes deliciously well with the carrot swords.
Blades: dried banana chips that are dangerously delicious.
Ninja wraps: wholewheat wraps with cream cheese, smoked salmon and spinach.

We’d love to see the imaginative ideas you come up with! Share your lunchbox creations on Instagram with the following hashtags: #nutrikids and #nutrimums

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