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Why the Mediterranean diet is good for you

Nutrition & Wellbeing

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month. Celebrate by eating healthy, delicious foods that will make you feel like you’re lounging beside the sea

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices you can make. This diet is all about foods that are low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Unlike other diets, the Mediterranean diet is a long-term way of eating that promotes an overall improved well-being.

Why is the Mediterranean diet so healthy?

The Mediterranean diet is primarily plant-based. It includes a daily intake of whole grains, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, herbs and spices. The animal proteins in this diet are minimal and are most often fish and seafood.

The foods on this diet contain nutrients and health benefits that contribute to better heart health1, lower your chance of developing type 2 diabetes2 and may even improve your cognitive function3.

Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

  1. High in antioxidants. Plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants that help your body defend itself against infection and disease. Antioxidants also provide essential vitamins such as vitamins C and E.

  2. Packed with fibre. Fibre helps your body regulate sugar, which keeps you feeling full longer.

  3. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t be fooled by the word “fatty”; omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your health by helping to lower inflammation in your body and improve your blood vessel function.

  4. An emphasis on healthy protein. Healthy proteins are foods that are low in fat and will keep you feeling full throughout the day. They also contribute to healthier, stronger muscles.

All Plant Protein

If you’re interested in trying out the Mediterranean diet (or maybe you’ve already incorporated it into your eating habits), you may want to ensure you’re getting the proper balance of nutrients each day. As with any diet, this can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you are already busy with work, family and friend commitments.

For a great complement to the Mediterranean diet, look no further than Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein (APP). Vegetarian-friendly and naturally sourced, APP is a convenient protein powder that can be added to any food or drink. It supplies a balanced amount of nine essential amino acids and is a good alternative to fatty and high-cholesterol proteins, such as eggs, red meat, cheese and whole milk.

APP is 100% plant-based and derived from the natural protein sources of pea, soy and wheat protein. You can add it to any dish for the daily needed dose of protein.

Try the Mediterranean diet for yourself!

Are you dreaming of eating delicious food along the coasts of Spain, Greece or Italy? We have two delicious recipes that will send your taste buds straight there! Both recipes are packed with flavour and contain Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder so that you can promote a healthy diet while satisfying your taste buds.

Sundried Tomato Pesto

Packed with exquisite umami flavour, add to pasta to share with others or keep it on hand for a quick and easy meal!

See how to make Sundried Tomato Pesto or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Carrot and Lentil Spread

Made with carrots and lentils, this spread is a guilt-free snack that can be paired with vegetables or whole-grain crackers and bread.

See how to make Carrot and Lentil Spread or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

1 – New England Journal of Medicine, “Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet”
2 – National Library of Medicine, “The Mediterranean diet: health, science and society”
3 – Harvard School of Public Health, “Diet Review: Mediterranean Diet”

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