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Back from your holidays and full of good intentions? Start with a healthy diet

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Now it’s the best time to start everything that was paused during your vacations – school, work, daily routines and, most importantly, healthy eating.

The end of summer means the beginning of “real life”. The kids are back in school and you are back to your regular schedule of work and errands. After months full of barbecues and holiday meals, starting up healthy eating habits is the best way to support your wellbeing.

A simple and effective way to start eating more healthily is by adding more protein to your diet. And Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein (APP) will give you an extra, delicious protein boost, so that you can start feeling your best straight away.

What are proteins good for?

Proteins are an important part of a healthy diet for people of any age. They are known as the building blocks of life because they can be found in every single cell in the body and they help to repair damaged cells as well as build new ones. Made from amino acids, protein helps your body build strong muscles and bones, as well as other compounds such as enzymes and hormones.

Like carbohydrates and fat, protein is an energy source that lets you feel more alert throughout the day. It makes you feel fuller longer, which can curb cravings and the impulse to snack on junk food.

Your body naturally contains some proteins, but there are some types it does not. This is why it is important to consume protein throughout the day.

Where to find proteins

Different foods contain different amounts of proteins. Animal products – such as chicken, beef, fish or dairy products – have very high amounts of proteins. Soy products, such as soy milk, soybeans, tofu, edamame and soy nuts, also contain decent amounts of proteins.

If you want to cut back on meat or you’re a vegetarian, you can get protein from many plant-based options. For example, beans, lentils, nuts and whole greens all have at least one of the essential amino acids that make up proteins.

However, while all of these proteins are good for you, some may come with unwanted extras, such as salt, fat and cholesterol.

Enjoy more protein with APP

Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein (APP) provides high-quality plant-based protein that helps you meet your daily protein needs. Made from soy, wheat and pea protein, it is a healthier alternative compared with the more traditional forms of protein. APP contains all of the essential amino acids that contribute to good health and a balanced diet.

APP can easily be added to drinks or food. This means you can boost your protein intake at anytime of the day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) without compromising on delicious flavours.

Try one of our yummy recipes below. Prepare them for breakfast, lunch or even a midday snack! Both contain great, fresh tastes and are full of nutritious protein sources, especially when you add a scoop of APP.

Beetroot and Chickpea Savoury Spread

The full-flavoured Beetroot and Chickpea Savoury Spread can be used as dip or added to wraps. Containing two scoops of APP, it’s a delicious snack addition that is full of protein and B vitamins.

See how to make Beetroot and Chickpea Savoury Spread or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Papaya Parfait

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Papaya Parfait. This light dish is perfect for an easy breakfast or a scrumptious dessert that packs all of the taste.

See how to make Papaya Parfait or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

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